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The Berghaus MMPS Centurio 30 II Backpack

The Berghaus MMPS Centurio 30 II Backpack

The compact Centurio 30 backpack is the smallest model in the Berghaus Multi Mission Pack System range. With its 1000 oz (30-liter) volume, the practical Daypack Centurio offers enough space to store the equipment well-sorted and safely. #Ad

The front loader is equipped with a circumferential zipper so that the entire front can be folded down quickly and the loading is much more comfortable. Besides, the Centurio 30 is fitted with additional molle stripes on the sides and a net at the front. The high-quality backpack is made of reinforced Ardura 1000D nylon and therefore perfectly prepared for harsh circumstances. Even harsh weather conditions cannot harm the Berghaus Centurio 30 backpack. To further optimize the wearing comfort, the backpack is equipped with a stabilizing inner-frame. In addition to a particular Molle system, the front of the Centurio 30 also has two clips that can be operated with a quick-release fastener, for example, to quickly and safely attach ice axes or hiking poles. Thanks to its innovative, modular concept, the Berghaus Centurio 30 can be adapted in a particularly flexible way and can be easily and quickly expanded with the MMPS side pockets, for example with side straps to attach sleeping pads or other accessories. The hydration box with practical hose lead-through allows the safe storage of hydration packs. The lid of the backpack is equipped with a zippered pocket and other Molle loops.

Note: If somebody found a video-review of this backpack in English, please let me know.

Available variants of the Centurio 30

The multi-functional backpack of the Berghaus MMPS series has front-access in the FA-version (front access) and shares the same modules as the other MMPS models. The Centurio 30 offers the same level of flexibility, and the front-access allows quick removal of equipment from the bottom of the backpack without the need to move other pieces of stuff up.

Our tip: When purchasing pay more attention to the designation Front-Access -FA-, otherwise maybe only the "normal" version will be delivered!

It is possible to extend the volume of 1000 oz (30 liters) utilizing the two side pockets of the large Crusader to a total of 1700 oz (50 liters) volume. At first glance, the Centurio 30 resembles the Berghaus Munro, but thanks to its front-side Molle system offers a specific function more.


The Centurio 30 trekking backpack has a hip belt, a lid pocket, a waterproof inner compartment for hydration, and the main compartment with a volume of 1000 oz (30 liters). The front and the lid are provided with Molle-stripes. The lateral zipper serves to accommodate the crusader side pockets. Furthermore, the Centurio 30 is equipped with four side equipment harnesses and two additional mounting clips for attaching larger tools with handle.

Innovative MMPS-System.

The abbreviation MMPS stands for the "Multi-Mission Pack System." This particular system was developed to use the outdoor backpack for a variety of purposes. The modular, flexible packing system also serves to combine the Centurio 30 with the Crusader model and thus expand it.

Berghaus Centurio 30 II Left

Berghaus Centurio 30 II Front

Berghaus Centurio 30 II Back

Review - Pros and Cons

Due to its versatility, the Centurio 30 backpack of the Berghaus quality brand is not only suitable as a trekking rucksack or combat backpack but is also ideal for everyday use. A particular highlight of the Centurio 30 is the extra padded shoulder straps, which make it easy to forget the contents even under hefty load and ensure a particularly pleasant wearing comfort. The innovative MMPS system allows the rucksack to be used flexibly as a tactical daypack and, if required, expanded easily. For example, the volume can be increased from 1000 - 1700 oz (30 liters to 50 liters). The excellent quality of the high-quality, weatherproof materials promises long durability so that the Centurio 30 backpack offers real added value in the long run. Whether as an outdoor backpack, tactical daypack, professional combat backpack, or practical companion in everyday life or traveling: Here meets a well-thought-out, intelligent pack system on high comfort and flexibility on a high level of quality. Thanks to its construction, the weight distribution is ideal, which means that the shoulders are relieved. This feature pays off especially in the context of more extended tours. The excellent quality and the timeless classic design complete the package perfectly.
The Centurio 30 is very functional thanks to its excellent layout and is perfect for more extended tours. It is particularly advantageous that the backpack is specially designed for outdoor activities, which is noticeable in terms of its equipment. With this backpack you can climb mountains and don´t have to worry about the content even then, should the weather conditions are not optimal. The ease of use and the possibility of expansion are an absolute plus in practice. This backpack has a clear buy recommendation and is just the right choice for anyone who is looking for a particularly flexible usable backpack.


  • Extra-thick padded shoulder straps
  • Made of high-quality Ardura 1000D nylon
  • expandable
  • With waterproof inner compartment for storage of hydraulic packs
  • With practical front access (FA-Version)
  • With two additional bracket clips for attaching devices
  • With hip belt for better stabilization


  • Waist belt not padded
  • Provides less storage space than the Centurio 45
  • hard to get in North America

Berghaus Centurio 30 II Front-open

Berghaus Centurio 30 II open

Berghaus Centurio 30 II Top

Backpack MMPS Centurio FA 30 II Front Access / Standard


The Centurio II with 1000 oz (30 liters) of storage in the front-access (FA) version is the smallest of the Berghaus Multi-Mission Packs (MMPS). It is a modular backpack that can be combined with other backpacks for different requirements or by a backpack Side pockets can be supplemented.

For easy loading, the front of the Centurio can be easily opened via front access in this version. That offers numerous tactical applications.


  • Compatible with MMPS side and other pockets of the MMPS series
  • front MOLLE system as well as on the cover compartment
  • round zip closure
  • optimum distribution of the load
  • 2 compartments for valuables and 1 drinking bladder compartment (watertight) with hose connection in the cover
  • stabilizing interior frames
  • extra thick belt
  • extremely robust and weather-resistant
  • Waist belt
  • 4 side equipment belts
  • 2 extra retaining clips for the larger tools with handle
  • Loading volume: 1000 oz (30 liters) (without side pockets)
  • Material: Ardura 1000D Nylon
  • Measurements: approx. 21.25 x 10.25 x 12.2 inch (54 cm x 26 cm x 31 cm)

SKU / EAN / MPN / ASIN / Amazon-Link

  • SKU: 5413-17-oliv-30l | EAN: 5034856438910 | MPN: 421876C01 | ASIN: B0050I20O6 | 30l Olive Version on Amazon
  • SKU: 5413-17-oliv-30l-fa | EAN: 5052071399373 | MPN: 4LV00082C01 | ASIN: ?

Berghaus Centurio 30 II on Amazon

Why do you need a front-access? In a regular backpack, which is filled from the bottom to the top, you should already think about which equipment must be at your fingertips, and this is then stowed quite high up in the backpack.

At the same time, heavy objects should be worn as far down as possible and close to the back. This challenge can be met with a front opening as all the depths of the backpack are equally accessible.


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