Black Shield

Black Shield is a Czech manufacturer of distinctive compression foot sleeves that provide more stability to the foods and protects them from getting friction sores.
Black Shield is a Czech company that was founded in 2016. It aims to provide foot sleeves with gel protection for athletes, for example, ice hockey, but also the police or army. It is clear that original products meet innovative designs for a particular purpose. Pain on the feet shall be minimized when hard training or work is considered. Of course, the best products are demanded for the satisfaction of the customers. Black Shield manufactures these foot sleeves and guarantees also the distribution. Only high-end quality and materials are used to avoid damage on the feet during sports activities such as trekking, running, and so on. These fantastic foot sleeves with gel protection are also interesting for the army and police for their kind of work. They offer both, security and a maximum of comfort for your feet.
However, painful injuries have no chance at all. The compression of silicone gel minimizes feet pain of any case and swellings of the feet. The innovative and unique technology prevents sweat and smell of the feet and softens the material. Nevertheless, those foot sleeves are a great comfort. The return of the blood to the heart is supported and improved by the foot sleeves, indeed. Anti-bacterial silver prevents the strong smelling of the feet as well. Exclusive technology DeoSoft guarantees that no sweat disturbs.
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