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Batex Technische Textilien is a German producer for Protective Gear and Body Armor: NIJIIIA-Bullet-Proof-Vest and Soft-Ballistic Protective Inserts. It is certified by NIJ and PTI standards.
The meaning of protection is rising rapidly in the past few years. Especially the protection of oneself while working or in private usage is difficult to hold because of the steady coming new laws and rules the company BATEX Technische Textilien GmbHstarted 25 years ago producing protection clothing for private and commercial usage. Until today the textile GmbH has a massive assortment of protective clothing which is not just meant for use by men and women. Animal protection clothing or vests, especially for police dogs, are available. The garment is intended to protect men, women, and dogs of injuries, cuts, stabs, hits, and many other dangers. Therefore, you can get protection clothing for private usages like for varnish works, common house-works, or even protection clothing for contamination. The company is producing all of its products by themselves in the company-owned factory.
The staff is caring and responsible picked out of a pool of highly educated and competent Engineers, technicians, and workers which leads to a highly recommended and valuable quality of the offered products. The many offers of the BATEX company assure the safety of wearing people or even animals. For private works like varnishing or industrial works, there can be bought the unique protection clothing like jackets, pants, overalls, or head protection. Even for working in contaminated areas, there is offered a special protective suit. Cooperating with police and military, there is developed unique ballistic protection clothing. Stab protection vests, cut resistant vests, bite resistant arm protections and apparel and even helmet protection can be found in the assortment. Especially for police dogs, the company produces stab protection and hit-resistant vests to assure the safety and integrity of the dog while he is taking action. The cut resistant clothing is offered in different sizes, so there is enough space to move securely, and the protection of assaults and injuries is still guaranteed.
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