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Berghaus Backpack Munro II Olive

Berghaus Backpack Munro II Olive

The British company Berghaus was initially founded in 1966 for the import and sale of outdoor equipment. #Ad
In 1972 began the production and marketing of their products. Back in 1974, the trekking backpack Cyclops (the first outdoor backpack with an integrated carrying frame) made it possible to establish a company presence on the market.
This stabilizing element is also available for other Berghaus backpacks. If you are looking for a tactical daypack, you will not miss the Munro or its successor Munro II.

Differences and Availability Munro to Munro II

Berghaus has dropped the classic Munro backpack from the program. However, as it was issued over many years as an army backpack thanks to its excellent robustness, even today superbly preserved or new backpacks of this program line are available. Despite its lightweight aluminum frame of around one kilogram and the volume of 1200 oz (35 liters), it is predestined to be a tactical daypack. The dimensions of 20.5 inches (height),11.8 inches (width) and 7 inches (depth) are extremely compact for a trekking backpack. The Cordura fabric is robust and sturdy yet lightweight. As top loader, the Munro has only a zipper from the manufacturer YKK. The purist design also fits the fact that there are no inside pockets.

The Munro II is the evolution of this outdoor backpack. Especially on the material that makes this noticeable. The extraordinarily tear-resistant and durable Ardura 1000D is woven in a new process. In addition to the main compartment, a compartment for smaller luggage or equipment that you always want to have at hand is integrated into the lid. The proven format of the Munro and practical details such as side compression straps and an elastic drawstring for quick attachment of clothing such as a jacket on the outside of the backpack have been retained. Both the Munro and the Munro II are available on the Internet in specialized shops and on relevant portals.

Further features and special features

Both models have a compartment for a hydration system in the interior back-site. Drinking bladders up to a capacity of two liters can be easily accommodated. Between the back and the interior of a slot is integrated. That is particularly useful for documents such as booking confirmations without the otherwise annoying risk of crumbling. However, of course, other rather thin pieces of equipment can be accommodated there. In practice, the very robust material and high-quality craft are especially convincing. The backpack can be easily used as a seat, and the fabrics are not affected when rubbing against a rock face. The zipper is of high quality and does not catch even in continuous use. Integrated compression straps on the backpack are standard today, and the manufacturer Berghaus has been relying on this effective aid at an early stage. The sewn on the sides of each two compression straps allow a secure lashing of the luggage without slipping even with a half-filled backpack.

The shoulder straps are well sized and padded accordingly so that even heavy loads are not agony. Some complaints about the unpadded chest strap, however, this is precisely why the Munro has a great seat and thus increases stability and balance when hiking. Especially for military purposes is the Berghaus Munro II IR. From the other characteristics like the ordinary Munro II, this backpack has a special coating, so it is harder to recognize with night vision equipment. The infrared reflection spectral range between 600 to 850 nm is about 12 pct.

Experience and final assessment

Many use the Munro or Munro II if they are looking for a purist, functional and very high-quality outdoor backpack. The backpack tends to be more of a tactical daypack but is also suitable for multi-day tours without heavy luggage such as a sleeping bag. Often, hunters also like to Munro in search of a durable and robust backpack. Although the large, undivided interior offers plenty of space for storing luggage, its 35-liter capacity is still too low for some people or jobs. Here is an extension with side pockets, which make the daypack a veritable trekking backpack. The side pockets can be obtained, for example, directly from the manufacturer. They are straightforward to hang on the side compression straps and thus extend the range of use of the backpack considerably.

Those mentioned above extremely robust nylon fabric is only partial waterproof. A short rain shower should not be a problem; the contents remain dry. Nevertheless, an additional regular impregnation is recommended or a rain cover. Then the equipment stays dry even after a long hike through the rain.

Since the interior does not have a subdivision, it is advisable to pack necessary utensils into smaller pack sacks, especially for more extended tours. That saves the annoying search for the missing part of the equipment.

In summary, the Berghaus Munro and Munro II are incredibly robust and durable backpacks. The uncluttered interior provides ample storage space for the luggage for a day trip, and with correspondingly lightweight and compressed equipment even multi-day tours with this backpack are no problem. If you need more storage space, you can increase the available space by attaching side pockets. Despite the sturdy metal frame, the backpack weighs only about 2 lbs (one kilogram).

Berghaus Backpack Munro II Olive Front

Berghaus Backpack Munro II Olive Back

Backpack Berghaus Munro II compact Overview

The backpack Munro II from Berghaus is a robust daypack. The further development of the Munro was made from a specially woven and therefore more robust material.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Chest strap for better fixation
  • with aluminum strut reinforced back
  • Four mounting points for equipment
  • Integrated framework for better load transfer
  • Internal compartment for 68 oz (2 liters) hydration bladder
  • Main compartment and lid compartment for equipment
  • On the sides of each 2 compression straps
  • On front elastic band with drawstring for transporting clothes
  • Material: Nylon 1000D
  • Weight: 2lbs (1kg)
  • Volume: 1184 oz (35l)
  • Dimensions: 20.5 x 11.8 x 7.1 inch (52 x 30 x 18 cm)

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