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Berghaus Backpack Atlas IV Cedar

Berghaus Backpack Atlas IV Cedar

Although the name sounds typically German, Berghaus is a purely British company. #Ad

Founded in 1966 as an import and sales company for outdoor equipment, in 1972 they began to produce and market their product developments in the growing camping and outdoor sector. The manufacturer's Cyclops trekking backpack made it possible to secure a powerful market presence in 1974 as well. It was a product innovation. Because the Cyclops was the very first outdoor backpack, which could convince the outdoor fans with an integrated carrying frame. The integrated carrying frame has both a carrying and a stabilizing function and is also part of many new outdoor backpacks from Berghaus.

The outdoor backpack Atlas IV

The Berghaus Atlas IV outdoor backpack is an excellent model, which is particularly suitable for extended outdoor trips, hikes, or marches in the military. With a total volume of 3720 oz (110 liters), the backpack offers sufficient storage capacity. 3000 oz (90 liters) of the total of 3720 oz (110 liters) can be accommodated in the main compartment of the Berghaus Atlas IV. The remaining 675 oz (20 liters) are available in the side-mounted pockets. Also, it is possible to remove the side pockets with the help of a zipper, if you do not need them on your hike.

The carrying system Cyclops II

The Berghaus Atlas IV backpack is equipped with the already proven Cyclops II carrying system, which is a manufacturer's invention and was already installed in the Berghaus backpacks in the early 1970s. The material used in the HE30TF frame and is made of a durable aluminum alloy that makes the system light but also stable at the same time. The associated harness was designed extra durable and designed so that the load is distributed optimally on the back of the wearer. The wearing comfort is supported by the presence of a chest strap and power synch straps on the waist belt. Two sturdy carrying handles ensure comfortable and safe transport if the backpack is not worn on the back.

The Federal Armed Forces variant Atlas IV Cyclops Berghaus is available in three different sizes by the manufacturer. So every outdoor fan (and soldier) will find a suitable version, which also optimally adapts to the appropriate body size. For the rucksacks to offer a lot of storage space, but without limiting the range of movement of the wearer when hiking or climbing, the founders of Berghaus, Lockey, and Davison have done much work. Over time, the backpacks have evolved from a clunky and uncomfortable piece of equipment to the perfect companion on all tours. Besides, it was made sure during the construction that the weight to be carried is also optimally distributed.

Other features

Through the openings at the top and bottom, the backpack can be quickly filled and emptied from both sides. Thus, a complicated search in the backpack is not necessarily more. The straps attached to the sides are designed to secure the side pockets additionally. Besides, the removed side pockets can also be used as a smaller daypack.

With the help of an inserted strap, the large ground compartment can be separated from the main compartment above. The backpack lid is also equipped with two additional compartments - one inside, one outside.

The outer material

Also for his model Atlas IV the manufacturer Berghaus relies on the use of the material 1000D Ardura. This material is extremely weather-resistant and can, therefore, be used in areas where not only the sun is shining. Furthermore, this material is characterized by a strong resistance to wear.

Experience and final evaluation

Berghaus looks back on many years of experience in the construction of hiking rucksacks. The knowledge gained in this process was continuously incorporated into the development of new products. In the outdoor backpack Berghaus, this is reflected in particular in the consistent further development of the material and the buckles.

Even customers who have been traveling with the model confirm this in some customer reviews. For example, the extraordinary functionality of the backpack and the outstanding value for money of the military backpack Atlas IV are highlighted. Even a journey of a total of 2500 km by ship and plane has survived the model without damage. An indication of the excellent material that Berghaus has developed for his backpacks. A tip from an outdoor fan. Before starting the journey, it is best to try out the different setting options so that you can achieve the most comfortable wearing result right at the beginning of your trip.

Even though it is modern to produce backpacks in many bright colors, the manufacturer Berghaus remains faithful to the color of its military backpack Atlas IV. Nato-Oliv is not quite as stylish and trendy at the moment but has its advantages. Heavy soiling and dirt are not so noticeable on the ground and can be removed much better.

Berghaus Atlas IV Backpack Cedar Front

Berghaus Atlas IV Backpack Cedar Back

Berghaus Backpack Atlas IV Cedar Olive 3720 oz (110 liters)

General facts:

The Berghaus Atlas IV backpack is a large and comfortable transport bag with a capacity of 3720 oz (110 liters) and removable side pockets.


  • Total volume 3720 oz (110 l) volume
  • 3000 oz (90 l) main compartment
  • 675 oz (20 l) in the side pockets
  • Bottom compartment with zip compartment
  • height-adjustable and removable lid
  • zip cover compartment
  • 2 strong carrying handles
  • Side pockets detachable by zipping (have own carrying straps, can be used as daypack)
  • Cyclops II support system for comfort, even at high weight
  • secure fit on the body even in fast and violent movements
  • HE30TF aluminum alloy frame
  • Cyclops II harness system
  • chest strap
  • Power synch strap on the waist belt
  • Material Ardura 1000, a 1000 denier textured nylon
  • Weight approx. 6 lbs (2.9 kg)

Available in three different lengths for different body sizes:

  • II / 5.25 - 5.68 ft (160 - 173 cm)
  • III / 5.58 - 6 ft (170 - 183 cm)
  • IV / 6 - 6.3 ft (183 - 198 cm)

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