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Condor Outdoor a US manufacturer of tactical Gear like Vests, Plate Carrier, Chest Rigs, Slings and Pouches, Surplus for Police, and Military purposes also in Multicam.
The company Condor owes its name to the mighty bird of the same name and thus shows the company's strong relationship with nature. Condor originally produced only camping articles. Their goal was even simpler: to bring people out of the house to nature and show them the miracles of the world. Over time, more and more outdoor products have found their way into the company's range. With the expansion of the offer, however, customers' calls for appropriate functional equipment became louder. That was followed by Condor's greater focus on this product line. The company provides military, police, and hunters with their equipment. The tactical gear of the brand Condor also includes Chest Rigs, Platforms, Modular Bags, and Boots.
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  • Condor Outdoor Battery Case Brown
    Condor Outdoor Battery Case Brown CHK-SHIELD | Outdoor Army - Tactical Gear Shop.
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