101INC, a in the Netherland-based company, produces tactical Airsoft Gear like Patches and Flashlights but also complete tactical sets of Plate Carrier like the Raptor, Ranger, and Tactical Operator.
The Netherlands has a new kingpin for airsoft-games, and tactical military games, and every fan of the airsoft-community will appreciate this. The supply of equipment, hosting events, and hosting the online community are the priorities of the 101INC Airsoft Division. The personality, the location, role-model, and the tac-team will be set new with joining the division. The site of the stores are mostly in remote areas, so the possibility is given to plan and execute the tactical operations which force the enemy to capitulate and take home the glory. The website is designed to guide the member of the community through the entire dynamic. First, you can choose your military character.
In case you want to be a Navy-Seal, there is a detailed description of facts and equipment you need. The gear is linked up with cooperating online-shops where you can by the exact equipment you need to be a 101-Navy-Seal. However, even SWAT or Sniper-personalities are described. When you chose your character, you can decide if you want to go to one of the planned events you can find in the airsoft agenda, which is a schedule where every community member can plan and host an event. Every cooperating online-shop, magazine, and supplier is linked up at the tab links so you will never miss any news. The teams which are the most successful are written down at the Hall of Fame where the glory is endless until one team beats the record and rises. At the end of the site, you can find every shop in the Netherlands on the Google-Maps-Graphic and get instructions on how to get there.
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