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FIRSTSPEAR the US manufacturer for new high-quality tactical Gear, Pouches, Clothing, and Bags for Protective Equipment like Helmet-Bags for Combat Helmets.
First Spear is a producer of high-quality tactical equipment, especially for military and police personnel. The company derives its name from the ancient Primus Pilus which used to be the honorary title of the senior Centurion of a Roman legion. The primus pilus epitomizes what the company stands for: founded by experienced US military veterans, they deliver top-notch equipment and gear to security forces. This entitlement is written into the company's DNA. However, some of the products are only available to members of the police or military, like protective vests. However, other equipment like holsters and pockets for ammunition and magazines is possible for ordinary citizens as well. Survival Gear and Apparel: But First Spear also offers a variety of apparel, survival gear, and familiar products. Hence, the brand is also interesting for campers, hunters, and such like. Within its product portfolio are water repellent jackets and anoraks, shirts and pulls made from American merino wool, extremely durable backpacks, and collapsible water bottles. Since all those products need to meet the requirements of the US military, they fulfill the most robust quality standards. Besides that, one can also buy shirts and other day-to-day clothes like caps and beanies.
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