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Source Patrol Pack 35L Hydration Backpack

Source Patrol Pack 35L Hydration Backpack

Meanwhile, outdoor backpacks are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people seek adventure in the wild. #Ad
However, so there are more and more companies who want to sell their outdoor backpacks. So the choice is, and many do not even know which backpack to buy.
To make your search a little bit easier, today we will introduce you to the Source Patrol Pack backpack from Source, which is even able to quench your thirst.

The look:

The Patrol hydration pack by Source is a medium backpack with a volume of 1200 oz (35 liters). With a weight of about 2 kg. For a backpack in the size category, he is relatively light. He has several compartments. Just behind the back cushion is a hidden compartment in which the 100 oz (3-liter) drinking bladder is located. Right in front of it lies the large main compartment. Inside there is still a small secluded compartment and some modular strips. Besides, the bottom is padded, so you can also store electronics there. Down on the front is a small compartment, which is also filled with some smaller extra pockets. On the sides, compression straps are also attached, which hold everything nicely. This hydration pack is available in the colors brown, black, green and

Source Patrol Pack 35L Hydration Backpack Black

Source Patrol Pack 35L Hydration Backpack Coyote

Source Patrol Pack 35L Hydration Backpack Olive

Source Patrol Pack 35L Hydration Backpack Multicam

The hydration bladder:

As mentioned above, the drinking container holds 100 oz (3 liters) and is mounted in the bag directly behind the back pad. Through a small opening, the hose comes forward and can be secured by a bracket left or right next to the head. So you have access to the water at any time. If you turn the closure of the hose, the water flows from all alone. Also, the mouthpiece of the tube is coated with a special coating that prevents the water from tasting of plastic. As a further extra, the Source Patrol drinking container inside also has a special layer that inhibits the growth of bacteria. So you have to clean the drinking container as well as never. If you have to do it, it's relatively easy because of the large slide closure.

Source WXP Hydration System

Characteristics of the hydration pack:

Since this backpack is explicitly advertised as an outdoor backpack, it must therefore also be robust and resistant. Since it is made of 100% nylon, it meets these requirements. Also, the fiber is not ordinary nylon, but Cordura. Cordura is a type of nylon that has been woven and braided several times, making it even more durable. That is why this backpack is also very much used by the military. However, this nylon is not entirely waterproof. As already briefly mentioned above, all pockets are padded from below, so that, for example, electronics are well protected. In addition, everything is kept very well by the Molle and compression straps, so that nothing slips. However, one of the highlights is the possibility to add more optional accessories. On the website of Source, you can buy some accessories for the drinking container or comfort. That can then be attached relatively easily to the backpack.


Source did not save on wearing comfort. The entire back and the chest and hip straps are padded. Also, especially the back is covered with a ventilated tissue. That prevents too much sweating. Since some people do not particularly like the hip straps, here is the opportunity to remove them. Besides, it can be easily determined by the adjustable chest straps and the compression straps, how tight the backpack should be on the body. In addition, there is a sturdy bar under the back padding, which ensures the stiffness of the backpack.

Product Reviews:

Almost all customers are completely convinced by the Source Outdoor Backpack and award 4 or 5 stars. Many customers have praised the ruggedness and longevity of the backpack. ("I've had this backpack for three years and I washed it yesterday, it still looks brand new.") Moreover, many have highlighted the hydration system, and some even spoke of the best backpack ever. ("I've done much research on hydration packs that can carry much equipment besides the hydration pack, there are not many out there, and that's the best backpack by far.") The Source Patrol Backpack has been able to convince customers across the board.


Of course, you can not expect the lowest price for such a large and robust backpack. However, with a rate of 240 $ the backpack is still okay. Many such suitable backpacks cost a lot more.


The Source Outdoor hydration pack convinces all along the line. He has many great features and is super robust and stable processed.


  • Good price
  • Very robust and resistant
  • Outstanding wearing comfort
  • good hydration system (fewer bacteria, due to the special layer)
  • Expandable with optional accessories
  • big main compartment
  • Very positive customer reviews


  • the nylon is not entirely waterproof

As a whole, we have to give the Source Patrol backpack a clear buy recommendation. The point that the backpack is not entirely waterproof is bearable. You just should not let it lay in the rain for hours without using an additional rain cover.

For a reasonable price of around 240 $, you get an excellent outdoor backpack, with which you will be prepared for the wilderness.

Source Patrol Pack Product Description


The Patrol Pack by Source is a modular 3-day use backpack with an integrated 100 oz (3-liter) hydration bladder.


Details backpack:

  • Volume 1200 oz (33 liters)
  • Material 1000D Cordura (100% Nylon)
  • large main compartment with inner compartment and inner modular attachment stripes
  • 2 zipper-mounted pocket with organizer/admin pocket
  • padded bottom protects electronics like radios
  • 4 cables/antenna openings
  • Insulated water compartment: 5 mm
  • Modular belt
  • hook and loop surface for patches
  • padded back and shoulder strap
  • Hip strap removable
  • Weight approx. 74 oz (2100 g)

Details Hydration:

  • Hydration System WXP,
  • Volume 100 oz (3 liters),
  • Storm Valve mouthpiece,
  • removable hose with 37 inches (94 cm) with UV-protected insulation and IR-safe

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