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Source Commander 10l - Hydration Backpack

Source Commander 10l - Hydration Backpack

With the Source Commander Pack, there is finally a handy and versatile hydration pack for small load-needs on long trips. #Ad Initially designed for combat missions, it is also an ideal companion in the private sector for athletes, geocachers, hikers or climbers. Thanks to its large hydration bladder, even more, considerable distances can be mastered without annoying stopovers. In the optimally divided pockets, your equipment can be stowed safely. By its quite elegant and sportive design, he is also in cities, for example in skate parks a shapely companion. It is processing from high-quality materials such as 1000D Cordura, the Hydration System WXP as a hydration bladder or the YKK zippers guarantee a long life even under high stress. As befits a military hydration backpack, of course, it was synonymous to a comfortable fit very much value.

The look:

The backpack is made of 1000D Cordura, a particularly tear-resistant nylon material. The backpack has a total of three compartments. In the isolated (5mm) the main compartment is the 100 oz (3-liter) hydration bladder. The two small zipped pockets have been divided so that the small packing volume can be optimally utilized. In the lower pouch, there is a single large packing compartment. Here things like for example smaller food boxes, bath linen or the like can be stowed. The upper chamber consists of a detachable key ring, the main compartment, a zipped compartment, a large and a small compartment, and another compartment for small stuff. All three compartments are equipped with two-way zippers. The Source Outdoor Backpack also has hook and loop areas for patches and some modular bands for tactical equipment. So additional gear can be mounted easily.

Source Tactical Commander Hydration Pack Olive

Source Tactical Commander Hydration Pack Multicam

Source Tactical Commander Hydration Pack Coyote

Source Tactical Commander Hydration Pack Black

The feeling:

To ensure optimal comfort, the adjustable abdominal and shoulder straps are padded. The waist belt can alternatively be hidden in a slot. For an optimal fit of the backpack also provides an adjustable chest strap.

The back part consists of padded mesh. As a result, the backpack can be easily worn on longer trips without excessive sweating. The hydration backpack has about 32.63 oz (925 g) a pleasant weight.

The hydration bladder:

Since the hydration system (WXP Hydration System) is housed in the main compartment of the backpack, this ensures optimum weight distribution. It is attached with a Velcro strip and can be quickly removed and filled or rinsed. The 5 mm thick insulation largely prevents excessive heating of the liquids. The drinking tube is centered so that it can be used both: left and right. Attachment loops on the shoulder straps prevent the hose from being swayed during activities.

Source WXP Hydration System

Due to the large opening, the bladder can be safely filled and easily cleaned. Of course, the bottle is tasteless and odorless coated. The exclusive "Grunge Guard Antimicrobial" technology ensures minimized bacterial growth.

The patented Storm-Valve mouthpiece with a protective cap and push-pull technology ensures particularly high drinking comfort thanks to its angle valve and water-stop lock.

The removable drinking tube has a comfortable length of 37 inches (94 cm). It is UV protected and IR safe.

The price:

The backpack is currently available from just under 140 USD. He is thus in the upper price segment for hydration packs with low packing volume but compensates for this with his outstanding quality and well thought out construction.

The Source Commander hydration pack at a glance:

  • Material: 1000D Cordura
  • Weight: 2.04 lbs (925 g)
  • Colors: Black, Olive, Coyote, Multicam
  • Unisex
  • 100 oz (3 l) hydration system WXP (hydration bladder)
  • 340 oz (10 l) packing volume
  • Pack volume distributed on two compartments
  • Additional packing surface with hook and loop areas
  • padded and adjustable abdominal and shoulder straps
  • integrated compartment for hiding the hip belts
  • adjustable chest strap

Customer Reviews:

The previously known customer reviews about the backpack are only positive. Particular emphasis is placed on the robustness, comfort, and perfect size of the backpack.

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  • Material Cordura 1000D
  • therefore very robust and durable
  • optimal comfort
  • thoughtful distribution of the pack volume
  • hook and loop areas
  • Accessories available
  • high-quality hydration system
  • beautiful design
  • stowable hip straps


  • no special ladies models
  • small color selection


This source outdoor backpack is well worth the price. The extremely robust hydration pack not only convinces by the high quality of his hydration bladder. It also offers a high wearing comfort even in steep terrain. Even in the city, the successful design of the backpack need not hide with its cleverly divided compartments to ensure optimum utilization of the pack volume.

Source Tactical Commander Hydration Pack on Amazon

Source Commander Pack 10L Product Description


The Commander Pack by Source is a robust use backpack with an integrated 100 oz (3 liters) hydration bladder.


Details backpack:

  • Volume 340 oz (10 liters),
  • Material 1000D Cordura (100%) Nylon,
  • big main compartment,
  • 2 zipper-mounted pockets with organizer/admin pouch,
  • Insulated water compartment: 5 mm,
  • Modular belt,
  • hook and loop surface for patches,
  • padded back and shoulder strap
  • Insert compartment for inserting the waist belt
  • Weight approx. 2.04 lbs (925 g).

Details Hydration:

  • Hydration System WXP,
  • Volume 100 oz (3 liters),
  • Storm Valve mouthpiece,
  • removable hose 37 inches (94 cm) with UV-protected insulation and IR-safe.

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