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Petzl Core Accu

Petzl Core Accu

The PETZL Core Accu with a capacity of 1250 mAh can be charged via USB and is suitable for the HYBRID headlamps TIKKA, TACTIKKA CORE, TACTIKKA, TACTIKKA + and TACTIKKA + RGB. #Ad 

Petzl Core Accu


The PETZL Core Accu with is suitable for Petzl's HYBRID headlamps like the TACTIKKA CORE, TIKKA, TACTIKKA, TACTIKKA +, and TACTIKKA + RGB. It has a power of 1250 mAh and can be charged via USB. You will know when charging indicator he is charged. Details:

  • Lithium-ion battery
  • with USB port
  • Charging indicator (green = full, red = charging)
  • Power: 1250 mAh
  • CE certified
  • 1 year or 300 boots warranty


Since it is lithium-ion battery transport via air freight is not really possible.

That affects most APO mail delivery addresses and countries outside the US!

Petzle Core Accu

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