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Source Assaulter Hydration Backpack

Source Assaulter Hydration Backpack

Who does not know that? Your backpack is not stable and sturdy enough, and it does not fit with additional hydration systems, that just what you need. Therefore, many people are looking for a new backpack. To make your search easier, today we introduce you to the Source Assault 675 oz (20 l) hydration pack, which is even able to quench your thirst. #Ad

The Look:

With a total volume of 675 oz (20 liters), more than enough things fit in the backpack. Also, the backpack with a weight of about 1400 grams is not the lightest, but this is still okay for such a large outdoor backpack. He has three compartments. In the top compartment is the 100 oz (3-liter) drinking bladder. The main compartment is the second large compartment in the middle; this compartment also fits the most usages. The first part is the smallest. Inside there are also some smaller zippered compartments and a net pocket.

In addition, next to the pocket still some compression straps are attached, with which you can fix the contents from the outside. This backpack is available in the colors black, green, coyote, and Multicam.

Source Assault Hydration Pack Olive

Source Assault Hydration Pack Multicam

Source Assault Hydration Pack Black

Source Assault Hydration Pack Coyote

The Hydration System:

As already mentioned above, the top compartment of the Source Outdoor Backpack contains a 100 oz (3-liter) drinking bladder. Through a central opening on the upper part of the backpack, the tube of the bladder can be pushed through. So, you can choose which side you want the tube while walking.

Due to the unique closure, the water flows steadily after opening, so you can also wash your hands with it (if you want to use your water for this!?). Also, the tube has a special coating that prevents the water from tasting like plastic that worked well for almost all testers. A very smooth surface prevents many bacteria from settling in it. However, if the hydration system should be cleaned anyway, it can be done relatively easily and quickly via the large widepak opening.

Source Tactical Gear 3L Widepac Low Profile Hydration Reservoir

Features oh the Source Assault 675 oz (20 l) Hydration Pack:

Due to the already mentioned compression straps on the sides, the content can be fixed very well. Even with much content, this does not slip thanks to the belt. Besides, the backpack is made of 100% nylon. Since nylon is tear-resistant and also water-repellent, this backpack is very suitable for outdoor use. Therefore, it is also often used by the military. However, it is made of pure nylon and not Cordura. Cordura is a type (and a protected brand, like kevlar) of nylon that has been woven several times, making it even more durable.

Backpacks of a lower quality are often made of ordinary polyester only. Another highlight is the Quick Mate Technology click system. This particular system makes it easy to clean connectors and can be easily exchanged. For example, there are some optional accessories for the drinking container or the chest strap to buy in the Source Shop (or from us).

The wearing Comfort:

The entire back pad of Source Outdoor Backpack is covered with mesh fabric. As a result, everything is well ventilated, and you do not sweat too much while wearing it. Also, the chest and hip belts are padded, which allows excellent comfort.

However, the hip straps cannot be removed, as with many other backpacks. Since they bother some people, it can be uncomfortable. However, most people will not have a problem with that. The adjustable chest straps make it very flexible when worn. In addition, the chest and waist straps with buckles can be attached, so that the backpack is close to the body and nothing slipping.


Almost all reviews of customers are very positive with

4 of 5 stars. It is praised by many customers especially a few unique things of the backpack that includes the enormous stability of the backpack. Many people used it in severe conditions, and they had nothing to complain about it.

(“I have been using my backpack for a few months in extremely tough conditions, and he has endured everything.”).

Also, especially the excellent wearing comfort and the extra feature with the drinking bladder were praised. (“No aching back and much water :) “).

On the whole, the hydration pack from Source was able to convince its customers across the board.

The Price:

With an approximate price of 140 to 170 $, the backpack from Source is more in the middle of all outdoor rucksacks. With some useful extra features and a total of very good craft and robustness, the price is excellent. However, the backpack is relatively cheap, since it consists of a daypack and a hydration system.


You get from Source a sturdy and stylish outdoor backpack. He also brings some excellent and helpful features, such as the ability to quench his thirst through the built-in drinking bladder or to expand the backpack.


  • Robust and resistant
  • Enough space for all things (675 oz /20 L)
  • 100 oz (3-liter) drinking bladder
  • Good comfort
  • Expandable with accessories


  • No Cordura
  • Waist straps not removable

The Source Assault 675 oz (20 l) hydration pack can offer many advantages, it is highly recommended as an outdoor backpack and military daypack. Most people will not bother the two disadvantages, and therefore you get for a reasonable price a perfect hydration pack that leaves almost nothing to be desired.

Source Assault Pack on Amazon

Source Assault Pack Product Description


The Source Assault Pack is a robust daily bag with an integrated 3-liter drinking bubble.


  • Details Backpack:
  • Volume 675 oz (20 liters)
  • Material: 1000D Cordura (100% Nylon)
  • large main compartment
  • 1 zipped pocket with organizer /admin pouch pocket
  • Insulated water compartment: 5 mm
  • Modular tape
  • Velcro surface for patches
  • Compression belts
  • padded back and shoulder strap
  • Weight approx. 3 lbs (1400 g)

Details Hydration:

  • Hydrationsystem WXP,
  • Volume 100 oz (3 liters)
  • Mouthpiece Storm-Valve
  • Detachable hose 41.78 inches (94 cm) with UV-protected insulation and IR-safe

SKU / EAN / MPN / ASIN / Amazon-Link

  • SKU: 5421-01-coy | EAN: 616223000200 | MPN: 4010430203 | ASIN: B008S9D5MU | Coyote Version on Amazon
  • SKU: 5421-01-multi | EAN: 616223001962 | MPN: 4010431503 | ASIN: B008K5KI40 | Multicam Version on Amazon
  • SKU: 5421-01-oliv | EAN: 616223000194 | MPN: 4010430303 | ASIN: ?
  • SKU: 5421-01-schw | EAN: 616223000187 | MPN: 4010430103 | ASIN: B007S9544S | Black Version on Amazon

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