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Petzl Headlamp TIKKA

Petzl Headlamp TIKKA

Whether camping, a night walk, or fishing at dawn on all these occasions, one is well advised if you have efficient lighting with you. #Ad
Once this decision has been made, the next question is what the design of the lighting should look like. If a flashlight, a portable lantern or a lamp is desired. The advantage of headlamps is that you have your hands free. That is an advantage for the majority of outdoor activities. Therefore, this text will deal with a headlamp. In the test was the Petzl Tikka.

Technical details

Before discussing individual aspects of the lamp, the technical specifications of the Tikka will follow.:

  • Color: brown, white, red, black
  • Power source: 3 AAA / LR03 batteries
  • Weight: 85g
  • Waterproof: IPX4
  • Brightness: 20 lumens / 100 lumens
  • Lighting range: 27 / 60 yds (25 m / 55 m)
  • Luminous duration: 20 lumens approx. 180 hours / 100 lumens approx. 120 hours
  • Price: around 30 $

In the real world

The Tikka was first tested at home. However, also on a campsite and other outdoor activities had to prove themselves.

The multifunction button

Since the lamp has only one button but several functions, it is necessary to remember the keystrokes when operating the headlamp. The button is fairly large, located on the top of the lamp. Therefore, it is easy to reach and can be easily pressed. If the button is pressed once, the lamp lights up with its smaller power of 20 lumens. When re-pressing the lamp shines with full luminosity and 100 lumens. If the button is pressed a third time, the lamp goes off again. Operation with this multifunction button is as easy as it sounds.

The lighting

The Petzl TIKKA illuminates the area in front of the carrier rather punctually. However, this is a subjective feeling. The manufacturer himself gives the illumination character with wide. Spotlighting has the advantage that the full luminosity is concentrated in a small area and the lamp remains lit. As already mentioned, the estimation of the luminous area is very subjective. The best is if you make yourself a picture of the illumination.

The lamp housing

The very well-made lamp body is flexibly suspended. Besides, this can be adjusted in four stages. In each of the four steps, the lamp snaps in clean and hold even with rapid head movements in position. Thanks to this suspension it is possible to adapt the lamp according to your own needs. Another feature that can be found for not many headlamps is the phosphorescent reflector inside the lamp. While the lamp is lit, it is charged to light up for many hours later with the lamp off. This reflector makes it easy to find the headlamp in the dark tent. Furthermore, the lamp body is bent on the front side so that it fits ergonomically to the head. Therefore, no unpleasant pressure occurs on the forehead.

The headband

The rubber band of the lamp can be adjusted in many ways and also easy to clean due to its nature. Over time, all sorts of dirt and sweat accumulate on the headband, so cleaning is certainly required from time to time.


There are many manufacturers in the market for headlamps. Among them are manufacturers who offer their lamps for more than 50 $ or even over 100 $. At this price level, the Petzl Tikka does not want to play. Despite their very reasonable price, there is no need to compromise on processing here. Not only that the entire lamp is very well made, but the lamp body itself also makes a very high-quality impression and does not look cheap. Even the headband is sufficiently broad and offers a good grip on the head due to this thickness.

Power Supply

Three standard AAA batteries guarantee the power supply of the TIKKA. That has the advantage that you do not need to carry around another charger, but use the standard batteries just mentioned. Since these are very widespread, they can also be quickly recovered.

Petzl Headlamp TIKKA Black


The headlamp TIKKA from Petzl is easy to operate due to the multifunction button. It is therefore not necessary to read the operating instructions, but the operation is almost self-explaining. The illuminated area is sufficient for most purposes. The use of commercially available AAA batteries has the advantage that they are easy to replace, and you do not need a special charger. On the other hand, using these batteries causes significantly more problematic waste. That would be avoided with the use of a built-in battery. When you leave the house, you usually do not only have a device with you, which has to be recharged, so the headlamp might not be that important. You can say about this headlamp so that it is a recommended product. The processing results with the functions of an excellent price/performance ratio

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Headlamp Petzl TIKKA Black Product description


The Petzl headlamp TIKKA is evergreen among the headlights.

With its full cone of light and 3 light modes to adjust the amount of light in each situation, it ensures comfortable lighting at close range and for movement with low luminance.


  • 3 light modes: close range, locomotion, and distance vision
  • Luminous mode for close-up viewing with a wide comfortable cone of light
  • Luminous mode for locomotion and short duration allows the movement over short distances
  • quick and easy selection of the lighting mode via pushbutton
  • long burn time
  • thanks to the phosphorescent reflector easy to find in the dark
  • Red light, so that the dark adaptation of the eye is preserved and the user goes unnoticed and to prevent other people in the group from being dazzled
  • Hybrid lamp: It comes with 3 batteries and is also compatible with the Core battery
  • easy-to-adjust elastic headband
  • washable headband
  • easy-to-open battery compartment facilitates battery replacement


  • Weight: 3 oz (86 g)
  • Luminosity: 200 lumens
  • The beam of light: wide
  • Operating options: 3 AAA / LR03 batteries (included) or CORE battery (available as an accessory)
  • Operating options: Ni-MH batteries
  • Certification (s): CE
  • Waterproof: IP X4 (weatherproof)

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