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Petzl Headlamp Tactikka

Petzl Headlamp Tactikka

It's not an issue in the evening with a flashlight to illuminate whatever it needs to be. #Ad
However, there are moments or events where you need both hands, and there is no room for a regular flashlight. To illuminate a product or the area around you, a lamp for the forehead is sometimes better suited. It is not a new invention, because in a mine is only worked with a miner's lamp, just as often in the Army. Who likes to work at home, for example on a model car, is well equipped with a headlamp for filigree work. Of course, the lamps differ in size and luminosity. The Petzl Tactikka lamp offers a perfect illumination.

Product usage

If it is inconspicuous lighting for certain activities, the Petzl TACTIKKA lamp is indispensable. When the fish bite, in the evening, when they are not recognizable, then only an outdoor lamp for the forehead helps, but not only there, also for hunting. The headlamp has a very long burning time and different light settings for the color choice. So it is possible to use the lighting for the near range, or you can use a focused light in red for the dark phase in his environment to observe, for example, in the forest deers. So you stay unobserved in nature. Tactikka is a hybrid lamp that is also compatible with the CORE Accu.

Technical specifications

The TACTIKKA has a luminosity of 250 lumens. The light in red for an easy adaptation of the eye in the dark. There are three settings for the TACTIKKA: locomotion - close-range - distance vision. With a user-friendly switch, the desired lighting mode can be selected quickly and easily. As a hybrid lamp, the TACTIKKA is supplied with three batteries and in three colors according to the intended use with a weight of 85 grams. For the light cone, the three AAA / LR03 batteries are responsible, but it can also be operated with a Petzl Core Accu for recharging. This battery is not included in the price. Operating options: Compatible batteries Ni-MH batteries waterproof: LP X 4 (waterproof)

  • Maximum luminosity 200 lumens
  • Maximum lighting time 80 hours
  • Maximum luminosity 263 ft (80 m)
  • The beam of light: wide
  • Easy to use even with gloves
  • The headband can be opened

Light modes:

5 lumens maximum autonomy, 11 yds (10 m) range, up to 260 hours burn time. Standard: 100 lumens, 50 yds (45 m) range, duration of illumination up to 50 hours. Max. Power: 250 lumens, 76 yds (70 m) range, 50 hours burn time. Colors: Red - Green - Blue 2 lumens, 5.5 (5 m) range, up to 50 hours burn time. Red-green-blue flashing light, visible up to 765 yds (700 m).

Petzl Headlamp Tactikka Camouflage

Petzl Headlamp Tactikka Black

Field report

Tested at home, the TACTIKKa is also ideal for camping or other outdoor activities. The multifunction button: Since this is a pure headlamp, it is essential that you feel the keypresses well. The button is quite clear and mounted on the top of the lamp. Therefore, the operation is quite simple. Once pressed, the TACTIKKA lights up with a small output of 20 lumens. Pressed again in the standard range, the lamp shines with 100 lumens.

The lighting:

The TACTIKKA by Petzl illuminates the outdoor area in front of the wearer rather punctually. The manufacturer himself describes the illumination as "wide." One could say: "A matter of opinion." The punctual lighting speaks for a full luminosity in a small concentrated area. As already mentioned, the light cone assessment is a matter of opinion the best way to make the user himself a picture of the illumination.

The lamp body:

It has a flexibly suspended, very well-crafted lamp body, which can also be adjusted in four stages. The lamp snaps perfectly in every step, even with fast movements; the TACTIKKA keeps its position. So it is possible to change the headlamp thanks to their suspension according to their own needs the circumstances. Very positive to mention here is the phosphorescent reflector, inside the lamp, which is not represented in all headlamps. In lighting mode, this is charged. That will keep the light on for many hours in an off way. This little highlight in the reflector makes it the most natural thing in the world to find the lamp in the dark. The lamp body is designed very much for the benefit of the wearer, as it is bent on the front side so that it adapts perfectly to the shape of the forehead. So no unpleasant bruises on the forehead and hopefully no headaches.

The headband:

The rubber band for the holder, which is located on the lamp, can be adjusted in many ways and also cleaned well, due to its composition. It is unavoidable that over time, dirt and dust accumulate on the headband, so it is very beneficial that the headband can be easily cleaned.

The processing:

The market is full of headlamps, so it is not surprising that manufacturers here are also romping for more than 50 $, sometimes even over 100 $ call for their headlights. Since the TACTIKKA Petzl is almost a bargain for just around 50 $. Nevertheless, no compromises have to be made in terms of fabrication, design, and material, despite their low price.


Due to the simple operation, the lamp can be handled very well. For most uses, the illuminated area is quite sufficient. The type of power supply with batteries has the advantage that you do not have to worry about how they recharge it; on the other side, you can use the rechargeable Core Accu. It can be said that the lamp from Petzl is a very recommendable product since the function including the processing offers an excellent price/performance ratio. "What do you want more"!

Headlamp Petzl Tactikka Product description


The Petzl headlamp TACTIKKA is suitable for hunting, fishing, tactical applications, etc.

Their combined light cone is suitable for close-up vision and locomotion.

The red light ensures that the user goes unnoticed, if necessary.

The maximum luminosity is 200 lumens, and the range is 60 meters. The lamp is equipped with CONSTANT LIGHTING technology: the brightness does not decrease with weaker batteries.


  • CONSTANT LIGHTING technology - the luminosity does not diminish with weaker batteries,
  • Several light modes and light colors according to the situation
  • Illuminated mode for close-up view.
  • Light modes for locomotion and fast locomotion
  • Boost mode for short-term access to the maximum brightness of 200 lumens
  • Red light for a close-up view so that the user goes unnoticed
  • Flashing mode available at any time to indicate the position of the user
  • Light cone: combined
  • 5 lumens for at least 40 hours
  • Energy management informs the user about the condition of the batteries
  • The ergonomic pushbutton can also be operated with gloves
  • easy-to-fit headband with a buckle makes it easy to put on
  • washable headband
  • Easy-open battery compartment for easy battery change
  • Operating options: 3 AAA / LR03 batteries (included)
  • Operating options: CORE battery (charging via USB, not included in delivery)
  • Optionally with Ni-MH and lithium batteries
  • IP X4 weather and waterproof
  • Weight: 3 oz (85 grams)

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