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Berghaus MMPS Centurio 45 II Backpack

Berghaus MMPS Centurio 45 II Backpack

As a true adventurer, it is usually not enough to settle for the usual items in the market. #Ad

Of course, you can buy a 0815 trekking backpack, but in the long run, you will not enjoy it. So why not invest directly in something that will accompany you life-long. I'm not just talking about an outdoor backpack, but about a little helper, yes, a companion. Whether camping, hiking, or training, an excellent tactical daypack is just the thing. What could be better than being well organized under all circumstances? With the Berghaus Centurio 45 MMPS, you are well-equipped in just about any situation, and you can always be sure you have everything you need. Through the MMPS (Multi-Mission Pack System), the outdoor backpack can be converted into a tactical combat backpack.

The removable side- and multi-function pockets increase the available space from 1520 to 2200 oz (45 to 65 liters), and the side pockets are fastened or removed via zippers on the side holding loops. So enough space can be created in the tactical daypack for several days. The backpack could be carry-on in trains or planes (at least that was possible!). Also, it can thus easily stowed in the luggage racks. Even in the backpacking area, the Centurio can score with its comfort and its large top opening, as this ensures high accessibility. Thieves, however, hasn't it too easy, because after untucking the top compartment still a loop must be solved.

On the other hand, if you want to open the rucksack yourself, it will be effortless to do so after pulling it off. As already mentioned, the daypack can even be used as a backpack for minimalist travelers without encountering real space problems. To stay here with the truth this does not apply if the journey goes into colder parts of the world, because for warm jackets and possibly even snow pants, the Centurio 45L is then a little too tight. Nonetheless, we are talking about a close to perfect outdoor backpack with an extensive range of uses.

Product description:

The trekking backpack not only captivates with the outdoor look but also with its distinctive design. It has compact construction, all seams are sturdy, and made of 100% nylon it is also water repellent. Thus, the Centurio is resistant in almost all applications. Its nylon surface makes it easy to clean and wash the daypack the padded straps and hip belt promise a high wearing comfort as well as a secure fit. Besides, the carriers can be easily adapted to size and proportion, which means a real relief on longer trips or hikes, as the Centurio always wears very close to the back.

Everything that should not be stored directly in the backpack or what is needed to be accessed quickly can be attached to the outer shell. For example, the MMPS bags mentioned above also have a loop to attach further equipment. Two more clips for hiking poles or ice axes are attached to the front. The Molle straps, which are also connected to the front, can be used with carabiners or loops to attach drinking bottles, small sleeping bags, tools, or other survival gear. The dimensions of the olive version are 25.2 x 14.2 x 12.6 inch (64 x 36 x 32 cm) and as already mentioned, it is possible to upgrade between the standard volume of 1521 oz (45 l) and the 675 oz (20 l) extended by the side pockets to 2200 oz (65 l).

The curb weight of the Centurio is approximately 3 lbs (1.5 kg) which is due to its high-quality processing. This tactical daypack is at the moment also available in the Coyote version of the Centurio II 45L MMPS. Both versions also have a waterproof inner compartment for a hydration bladder with two protected openings for carrying a drinking tube. The Flow back system creates a small gap between the lower back and the actual backpack, so it creates good passage and less sweat. With the stitched insert for your name tag, you personalize your companion. Berghaus has been producing high-quality all-around backpacks since founding, and with the Centurio, the British manufacturer has landed another hit on the market.

Who is the backpack for:

This tactical backpack is, if you like, suitable for everyone. Whether for backpacking, camping, hiking, sports or to transport your goods. However, it was made for those of us who not only talk about adventure but live it too. Open the Centurio and pack it for your next Survival Tour in the woods or the field. In the main compartment, you can store clothes, trekking accessories, shoes, or camping equipment. In the side pockets, you pack your survival kit or possibly even smaller parts of your hunting equipment. Take this trekking backpack into the mountains and stow your ropes, helmets, harnesses, and climbing gear safely. The Centurio is not just a backpack but your companion.


What makes the Berghaus Centurio 45L MMPS so convincing?

  • High wearing comfort due to padded and adjustable straps
  • Expandability through multifunction pockets from 1520 to 2200 oz (45 to 60 l)
  • High application range in a variety of situations
  • Offers the possibility to attach equipment outside
  • Water and dirt resistant
  • Processed in very high quality
  • A hydration system can be used
  • Outdoor camouflage color design
  • Price-performance ratio
  • Integrated flow back system

The Berghaus Centurio backpack is ideal for outdoor junkies, which are often traveling with changing luggage. With the MMPS Pockets, you can easily expand your volume and then minimize it again.

Berghaus Centurio II Backpack 45L Olive Top Berghaus Centurio II Backpack 45L Olive Front
Berghaus Centurio II Backpack 45L Olive tube opening Berghaus Centurio II Backpack 45L Olive open
Berghaus Centurio II Backpack 45L Olive back Berghaus Centurio II Backpack 45L Olive side

Berghaus MMPS Centurio 45 II Olive

The Centurio II with 1520 oz (45 liters) of cargo volume is one of the multi-mission packs (MMPS) from the Berghaus series. It is a modular backpack that can be combined with other backpacks for different requirements or by a backpack side pockets that can be supplemented.


  • Compatible with MMPS side and other pockets of the MMPS series
  • front MOLLE system as well as on the cover compartment
  • optimum distribution of the load
  • 2 compartments for valuables and 1 drinking bubble compartment (watertight) with hose connection in the cover
  • stabilizing interior frames
  • extra thick belt
  • extremely robust and weather-resistant
  • Waist belt
  • 4 side equipment belts
  • 2 extra retaining clips for the larger tools with handle


  • Loading volume: 1520 oz (45 liters, without side pockets)
  • Material: Ardura 1000D Nylon
  • Dimensions: approx. 25.2 x 14.2 x 12.6 inch (64 cm x 36 cm x 32 cm)
  • Weight: 3 lbs (1.47 kg)

Berghaus Centurio II Backpack 45L Olive

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