3M Peltor ComTac XPI Headset and Microphone Kit

The ComTac XPI hearing protection 3M Peltor offers both comfort and strong insulation a dynamic (electronic) control of the outside noise.

As part of the 3M ComTac product line, it is ideal for tactical use under combat conditions. The ComTac earmuffs can still be extended to full-fledged headsets. The microphone kits are also presented here. #Ad

3M-Peltor ComTac XPI active hearing protection


It was specially developed for shooters (shooting sport) and the military and had a particularly slim design with high insulation.

Harmful noise (especially top pulse noise) to be reliably attenuated ambient noise (such as communication) are quickly perceived in a normal tone and even strengthened.

This regulation is carried out depending on the level and is regulated smoothly.

Also, he has a "Talk-Through" feature and an audio input for external devices such as Radios. The volume of the connected radios adjustable.

It offers an abundance of a menu guided setting we external input mode, release time, balance, plug mode, equalizer mode, and external mute mode.

The soft, filled with foam and fluid-sealing rings and the extra-wide, soft padded headband made of spring steel keep you comfortable.

3M Peltor ComTac XPI Headset Standard Olive

3M Peltor ComTac XPI Headset Standard Black


  • Slim Capsule Design
  • SNR 28dB (A) Weight Approx 0.84 lbs (390 g)
  • Level dependent function (talk through function)
  • Said run ( -voice guided-) menu
  • Functions: external input mode, release time, balance, plug mode, equalizer mode, and external mute mode
  • Adjustable microphone gain
  • Silent Mode added - quick shutdown of external microphones
  • Settings are stored when switched off (except plug mode)
  • Fully independent dual earphone system for talk-through function and external radio signal
  • Compatible with the available in our ballistic helmets
  • No pressure points of the headband
  • Automatic shutdown two hours after the last keystroke
  • The battery life is approximately 500 hours
  • Sealing of the battery compartment to moisture

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3M Peltor ComTac XPI Headset Standard on Amazon

Comtac Standard & Gentex Microphon Kit 3M Peltor (Microphone mounted on the left for right-side shooters)

For military and outdoor use, the Headset Company for 3M Peltor has put together this kit to retrofit Comtac XP and Comtac XPI earmuffs into full-fledged headsets.


  • Only use the kit for hearing protectors, if they were not delivered ex-factory as headset version.
  • A microphone mounted on the left for right-hand shooters
  • suitable for the following models: MT17H682FB-02, MT17H682FB-08 SV, MT20H682FB-02, MT20H682FB-02 SV

MT31 / Gentex-Kit

  • with Gooseneck microphone-arm
  • waterproof (24 inches (60 cm) deepwater / 30 minutes)
  • including windbreak
  • very flexible

MT7N / Dynamisches Mikrofon-Kit

  • proven standard microphone
  • different positions of the microphone boom

3M Peltor ComTac XPI Microphone Kit MT7N

3M Peltor ComTac XPI Microphone Kit MT31


  • SKU: 4010-24 | EAN: ? | MPN: MT31-FL6AC-A44 | ASIN: ?
  • SKU: 4010-25 | EAN: ? | MPN: MT7N-FL6AC | ASIN: ?

The microphone upgrade kits are available from the headset company.

Note: An additional Peltor PTT adapter is required to connect to a radio!

Comhead Headset Company

3M Peltor

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