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The Headset Specialists from Germany provide solutions for Office and Call-Centers and Industry, Tactical Headsets, PTTs, or Intercom Systems by Brands like 3M Peltor.
Comhead is a company that offers professional wireless technology for different purposes in the sector of communication. Furthermore, Comhead offers professional expert advice when it comes to different types of products. The expert advice runs by telephone first and foremost, but it can also be processed by e-mail or a contact-formula on the website of Comhead. Other than that, Chad also offers help when it comes to the installation of the different products and wireless technology. Comhead also provides a compatibility warranty. A free lifetime-support for all products is offered as well. Currently, the company provides offices, the construction industry, the military as well as the emergency operation groups with their technology.
First and foremost, Comhead offers products for offices and call centers. Here, different types of headsets for different kinds of connections are being offered. On the one hand, there are products for USB-connections, telephones, smartphones, and cellphones. Customers can, for example, find 3M-Peltor-Headsets for different purposes. Also, tour guide-systems and head intercom systems are being sold. It's also possible to get these products in combination with radios. Comhead also offers different types of brands in their variety of products. For instance, Sennheiser, Axtel, or the own brand of Comhead are being offered. In-Ear-Headsets and other classes are provided for private use. Those can be used for example while having a ride on public transportation. A further section of the products is tactical-headsets which can be combined with helmets and are being used by many operation groups.
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