3M Peltor ComTac XPI Tactical Headsets

3M Peltor ComTac Headsets, the 3M tactical headset line, provides maximum protection for hearing under combat conditions, combined with the ability to integrate group communication. #Ad

3M-Peltor ComTac XPI headsets with microphone and variants


The ComTac XPI with microphone headset 3M Peltor offers both comfort and reliable insulation a dynamic (electronic) control of the outside noise.

It is designed for police and military and has a particularly slim design with high insulation.

Harmful noise (especially top pulse noise) to be reliably attenuated ambient noise (such. Ex. Communication) are quickly perceived in a normal tone and even strengthened. This regulation is carried out depending on the level and is regulated smoothly.

Besides, he has a -Talk-Through- feature and an audio input for external devices such as Radios.

It offers an abundance of a menu guided setting we external input mode, release time, balance, plug mode, equalizer mode, and external mute mode. The soft, filled with foam and fluid-sealing rings and the extra-wide, soft padded headband made of spring steel keep you comfortable, specially designed for combat conditions in police and military forces.


  • Slim Capsule Design
  • SNR 28dB (A) Weight Approx 0.84 lbs (390 g)
  • Level dependent function (talk through function)
  • Functions: external input mode, release time, balance, plug mode, equalizer mode, and external mute mode
  • Settings are stored when switched off (except plug mode)
  • Fully independent dual earphone system for talk-through function, and external radio signal
  • Compatible with the available in our ballistic helmets
  • Automatic shutdown two hours after the last keystroke
  • Battery life is about 250 hours
  • External radio signals have priority and function even if the ComTac is turned off or the batteries are dead.
  • SEM52S us SL can be adapted busing an external PTT adapter

3M Peltor Comtac XPI with dynamic Microphone

The dynamic microphone MT7N is a well-proven standard microphone with a multi-limbed microphone-arm for tactical use.

  • Integrated microphone arm with practical and easy Quick Positioning
  • dynamic Microphone MT7N

3M Peltor Comtac XPI Headset dynamic Microphone


  • SKU: 4010-02 | EAN: 7318640064225 | MPN: MT20H682FB-38 | ASIN: B011OK2PR0

3M-Peltor ComTac XPI with Gentex-Microphone Headset

This headset version comes with the Gentex microphone. A flexible microphone-arm characterizes the Gentex microphone without joints and by its very high resistance to moisture.

  • Microphone with effective noise compensation for clear and reliable communication
  • Gentex-Microphone MT31
  • fully flexible microphone-arm
  • especially moisture resistant

3M Peltor Comtac XPI Headset with Gentex-Microphone

3M Peltor Comtac XPI Headset with Gentex-Microphone


3M-Peltor ComTac XPI with microphone and neckband

This special solution from the Comtac XPI has not the classic headband, but a neckband and is well suited for users who can not wear the Comtac XPI with a headband under a helmet.

  • Neckband
  • dynamic Microphone MT7N

3M Peltor Comtac XPI Headset with Neckband


  • SKU: 4010-08 | EAN: 7318640064157 | MPN: MT20H682BB-38 | ASIN: B017ZC3HMS

3M-Peltor ComTac XPI Headsets with microphone and rail attachment

This version comes with a rail mount and attaches to most ACH / MICH-2000 combat helmet rails.

  • 3M helmet mount for MICH helmet rails
  • dynamic Microphone MT7N

3M Peltor Comtac XPI Headset with Helmet Attachment


  • SKU: 4010-09 | EAN: 7318640064287 | MPN: MT20H682P3AD-38 | ASIN: B01GO4L0LI

3M Peltor ComTac XPI Headset with Microphone on Amazon

3M Peltor Comtac XPI improvements and differences compared to the previous Comtac XP:

  • Better seal of the battery compartment to moisture
  • Better sealing of the board for saltwater
  • Removal of all pressure points on the head strap (is particularly noticeable when worn under helmets noticeable)
  • Voice-guided menu
  • The volume of the connected radio equipment is about to change
  • Microphone Gain adjustable
  • In-Ear Plug Detection Mode- the volume of the connected radio is now increasingly
  • Silent Mode added - quick shutdown of all audio signals (external microphones and radio)
3M Peltor

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