Helmet Harnesses for Combat Helmets by HCS

Updated: Jan 19

Over the years, numerous different helmet harness systems for combat helmets have become established on the market. From the simple helmet net-harness with a simple chinstrap and closure to the pad-harness with BOA closure. Here we present the three harness-systems distributed by HCS Ausruestungs GmbH. #Ad

HCS Net-Mesch-Harness Combat Helmet Black


The helmet Net-Harnesses from HCS can be installed in every HCS helmet. The net is supplied complete with mounting screws. It is also compatible with most 4-point MICH 2000-2002 and Fast-helmets. Often prevalent in tropical regions, as the head has some distance from the helmet shell through the net and the air can circulate a little better.


  • better ventilation at longer wearing times

  • more comfortable fit and versatile adjustment for different head types

  • Front with a leather strap to catch sweat

  • Back support by two foam areas, flexibly adjustable

  • including screws

  • Distributor: HCS

SKU / EAN / MPN / ASIN / Amazon-Link

  • SKU: 2107-15-L | EAN: 4260380020227 | MPN: 10036.03 | ASIN: B01MQNX2T3 | Size L on Amazaon

  • SKU: 2107-15-M | EAN: 4260380020210 | MPN: 10036.02 | ASIN: B01MXQ30DN | Size M on Amazaon

  • SKU: 2107-15-S | EAN: 4260380020203 | MPN: 10036.01 | ASIN: B01MQNWVA0 | Size S on Amazaon

  • SKU: 2107-15-XL | EAN: 4260380020234 | MPN: 10036.04 | ASIN: B01N0IOLMF | Size XL on Amazaon

Sizes for Net-Harness

  • S: 20-21.25 Inch (51-54 cm) head circumference (helmet size S-M)

  • M: 21.5-22.75 Inch (55-58 cm) head circumference (helmet size S-M)

  • L: 22.5-24 Inch (57-61 cm) head circumference (helmet size L-XL)

  • XL: 23.5- 25.25 Inch (60-64 cm) head circumference (helmet size L-XL)

HCS Pad-Harness for Combat Helmets


The HCS pad system is a complete replacement for the HCS net system and is suitable for attachment in the Special Forces, Gunfighter, ACH and Crewman helmets (MICH 2000-2002).

Included are enough self-adhesive hook and loop patches for the helmet.

In addition to the numerous adjustment options by moving the pads, it is also easy to maintain as individual pads can be easily replaced.


Scope of delivery:

  • Unisize

  • 7 pads

  • 7 Velcro strips

  • 1 prefabricated chin strap system

  • Distributor: HCS

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Who is wondering how to measure his head circumference correctly:

HCS Helmet-Harness Pad BOA-Chinstrap Black


With the HCS chin strap including BOA closure and pads, almost all combat helmets with 4-breakpoints can be equipped within a short period.

The included pads ensure optimal weight distribution and thus allow longer and more comfortable wearing times of the combat helmet.


  • fits all HCS combat helmets (MICH, ACH, FAST, Gunfighter, Crewman, Special Forces helmets MICH 2000-2002) as well as identical helmets with 4-point connection

  • incl. BOA closure for a quick, secure and even closure

  • allows a quick and individual adjustment at any time

  • Distributor: HCS


  • S-M: 20-23 Inch (51-59 cm) head circumference

  • L-XL: 22.5-25 Inch (57-63 cm) head circumference

Installation and Setup:

Remove the screws of your helmet, remove the old net or reinforcement system, and then attach the new kit to its location. The perfect fit of the new helmet part can be adjusted with just one hand.

The adjustment of the chin strap is controlled individually via the 4 breakpoints.


  • 15x hook and loop discs

  • pads 4x rectangular, 2x square, 1x round large

  • 1x harness

SKU / EAN / MPN / ASIN / Amazon-Link

  • SKU: 2107-33-schw-LXL | EAN: 4260380021347 | MPN: 10046.02 | ASIN: ?

  • SKU: 2107-33-schw-SM | EAN: 4260380021330 | MPN: 10046.01 | ASIN: ?

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