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HCS Ausrüstung is a veteran lead wholesaler for tactical Equipment and Gear, Condor Outdoor Slings, Zebra Armour Combat Helmets, Berghaus Backpacks, Holster and Knives from Germany.
The demand for Tools, clothes, and equipment you can use while outdoor activities increased rapidly in the past few years. The HCS Ausrüstungs GmbH is a company which took it to their schedule to satisfy this demand in the required dimensions and quality. The offered products can be ordered easily at the online-shop of HCS or even in person at the company-owned shop in the Herzogstraße 3 in Wolfenbüttel. At this shop, the products can be inspected, visited, and bought by yourself. In the assortment of the HCS company, you can find anything you might need while outdoor activities. Socks, Shoes, gloves, hats, and pants are just a little extract of the significant amount of offers by HCS.
At the tab Clothing, you can find even those outdoor-clothing. The quality is designed for functionality while activities and the optical design is based on the design of regular military equipment. At the navigation-tab equipment can be found a significant amount of useful equipment. Lights, headlights, flashlights, helmets, bags, and knives are the majority of offered equipment and can be chosen depending on the planned use and manageability. Another tab in the online-shop is Biwak. The word Biwak is going back to the French name for a temporary night camp. There you can find a selection of equipment which might be useful for a night camp. Sleeping pads, pillows, and tents are for example just a small selection of offered equipment. If you decide to order at the online-shop, the data will be as anonymous as possible. Given that data is encrypted and saved only with the permission of the customer. If the government or public officials support the purchase, an additional discount of 10% off the regular price can be given if an official document confirms the authority.
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