Warrior Assault Systems RECON Plate Carrier Shooters Cut



The RECON Plate Carrier Shooters Cut from Warrior Assault Systems is a lightweight modular armor carrier with minimal but effective design.
The plate carrier offers maximum freedom of movement as well as optimal weight and space conditions.


  • compatible with PATHFINDER Chest Rig and Assaulters Back Panel
  • Modular loops for pouches in the Nato standard 25 mm
  • to hold Standalone ballistic protection plates
  • developed to hold U.S. Shooters Cut / Swimmers Cut stand-alone plates
  • Velcro and clip-on front molle panel for fast and flexible change of the panel
  • stretchable low-profile cummerbund with fastening possibility for maximum adjustability and optional extension of the chest panel
  • simple and flexible adjustment of the cummerbund in the back area
  • clipping side opening
  • adjustable shoulder area
  • Padded and removable shoulder pads and covers
  • Rescue handle
  • Front Velcro for Patches
  • high wearing comfort and ventilation through the 3D mesh material
  • Material: 100% 500D Cordura, all straps to US Mil-Spec
  • materials used have the lowest infrared values (99.8%) and are produced according to military specification

  • M: circumference 86 cm to 107 cm
  • L: circumference 102 cm to 120 cm


The plate carrier itself does not provide any ballistic protection.
However, it can accommodate SK4 NIJIV standalone panels measuring 25 cm x 30 cm (10 x 12 inches).
With SK4 / NIJIV plates, an SK1 / NIJIIIA soft ballistic insert with at least the same dimensions is additionally required.

Matching inserts:

  • DCS inserts (manufacturer: GARED / NEXUS) Yes: front / back No: sides
  • Plate carrier Softballistics SK1 manufacturer: BATEX
  • SK4 10 x 12 inch protection plates