VEQSKING 81663 Ultralight Camping Backpack - 45L

Type: Backpacks


Hiking is one of the most exciting things about camping trips, and everyone knows it's not a hike if you don't have a backpack strapped to your back. VEQSKING 81663 Ultralight Camping Backpack offers various compartments and a spacious design to carry plenty of essentials without feeling too bulky. The strength of the VEQSKING 81663 Ultralight Camping Backpack is one of its most unique features. And in combination with sponge paddings for extra comfort, it is no surprise that this backpack is the preferred choice for many campers. It offers relatively large compartments that allow you to pack extra camping gear while maintaining a compact form factor, so the backpack does not become too bulky. This camping backpack features top-quality nylon lining that makes it water and tear-resistant. It features a unique multi-compartment design that allows the proper organization of camping gear and a double-layer bottom pad for extra protection and enhanced durability.


    • Brand Name: VEQSKING
    • Model Number: 81663
    • Material: nylon
    • Size : 33 x 26 x 55cm/12.87 x 10.14 x 21.45inch
    • Bag Color: Green, Black, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Rose

Why You Have It:

  • This backpack is durable and carries everything you need. This tactical backpack is made of water-resistant fabric 
  • The construction material delivers durability and a long life span of the backpack.
  • It has many different pockets and compartments. You can carry it easily.
  • Whether you are female or male at any age, little fat or slim, this backpack belt and strap can be adjusted to the fit size, perfect for you.
  • Great for traveling, adventure, and camping.
  • Comes in many color options.
Package Contains:
  • VEQSKING 81663 Ultralight Camping Backpack  x 1