Source WXP LP Hydration System Blue

by Source
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The Source WXP LP Hydration-Bladder has the patented Wideslide wide opening and adds a standard screw-cap opening. So, it is easy to refill the bladder without taking him outside the backpack. The low-profile-design gives him a stable shape no matter how full the reservoir is.


Low-Profile (LP):
  • low profile
  • keeps his shape empty/full
  • evenly distribution of the water over a bigger area
  • better weight distribution over the back
  • all with the Witepac / Wideslide opening for easy filling, draining and cleaning
  • leakproof
  • Glass Like Technology prevents building a bio-film on the inside
  • Taste Free System, PE-Layer prevents plastic-taste
  • Grunge-Guard Technology inhibits bacteri growth in the reservoir and tube
  • triple layer with taste and odor free PE film with anti-microbial agent
  • Co-EX (Co-extruded) tube
  • PP, PE & POM injected plastic parts
  • Silicon Source Helix bite valve mouthpiece