Source Verve Hydration-Backpack 2 l

by Source
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The Source Verve Hydration-Backpack is specially designed for water sports. Extra-resistant material for sun and saltwater exposure was processed. The special shoulder straps with added length for usage on life-vests are a must-have. Thanks to the X-Fit-Shoulder-System from the Dune Hydration Pack, no inhibiting of freedom of movement will happen.


Details Backpack:

  • X-Fit Shoulder Strap-Concept
  • Low profile
  • Insulated pocket for the Hydration-System
  • Sun- and saltwater-resistant materials
  • Padded mesh shoulder straps
  • Small and easy to reach pockets
  • The tube can be carried over the left or right shoulder
  • Lightweight closures
  • Handle at the top of the Backpack
  • Weight empty: 0.57 kg

Details Hydration System:

Available with the 2 Liter Source Low-Profile Widepac Hydration System.
  • Source Low-Profile Widepac Hydration System with Helix – Valve (has a safety shutoff mode)
  • Co-Ex-Tube
  • Taste and odor free, thanks to Glass Like, Grunge-Guar and Taste-Free Technology
  • Easy to clean and to maintenance, especially by using water
  • 2 l are ca. 70 Oz