Source UTA - QMT Kit mit QMT Helix & Tube Black-Blue

by Source
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The Source UTA-Kit comes with the Co-Ex Tube, the Helix Bite-Valve, and the UTA-Adapter. It connects your Hydration-System with most bottles, taps, and faucets, so you can refill over the tube.


Helix – Valve Kit:
The Source Helix Bite 360-degree cylinder valve delivers full flow with just a soft bite without the need for a specific mouth orientation
  • high performance with minimal bite pressure
  • The cylindrical shape does not require special mouth orientation
  • Bite valve
  • Retracting spring mechanism
  • Built - in bayonet closure
  • Omnidirectional Operation
  • Integrated lock
  • Integrated Twist Shut-off
  • Dirt Shield valve cover
  • Angle valve

  • Male-Connector compatible with SQC and QMT
  • 90 cm Tube
UTA Kit:
  • Fits the most bottles, taps and faucets
  • The filling time of a 1.5 l bottle is approx. 50 seconds
  • 2 l water from a tap takes around 45 seconds
  • 3 l water from a tap takes around one minute
  • If the reservoir is full the UTA expands, disconnect and prevents overfilling of your Hydration-System