Petzl Headlamp Tactikka Camo

by Petzl
Type: Headlamp
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The Petzl headlamp TACTIKKA is suitable for hunting, fishing, observing in nature, etc.
Their combined light cone is suitable for the view in the close range and for the movement. The red light ensures that the user remains undetected when this is required.
The maximum luminosity is 200 lumens and the range 60 meters. The lamp is equipped with CONSTANT LIGHTING technology: the luminosity decreases with weaker batteries.


  • CONSTANT LIGHTING technology - the luminosity does not decrease with weakening batteries,
  • Multiple lighting modes and lighting colors according to the respective situation
  • Light mode for close-up vision
  • Light Modes for Moving and Fast Moving
  • Boost mode for short-term access to the maximum luminous intensity of 200 lumens
  • Red light for close-up vision so that the user remains undetected
  • Flashing mode available at any time to display the position of the user
  • light cones: combined
  • 5 lumens for at least 40 hrs
  • Energy management informs the user about the condition of the batteries
  • Ergonomic push button can also be operated with gloves
  • easy-to-adjust headband with buckle makes it easy to put on
  • washable headband
  • Easy to open battery compartment for easy battery replacement
  • Operation: 3 AAA / LR03 batteries (included)
  • Operation: CORE battery (charging by USB, not included )
  • Optional with Ni-MH and Lithium batteries
  • IP X4 weather and water resistant
  • Weight: 85 grams