OneTigris Tactical Dog Leash 16

Type: Dogs


When you hit the sidewalks or the trails with your dog, the right leash isn't just restraint but the best way to communicate with your pet. OneTigris Tactical Dog Leash helps guide your dog and keep them from bolting in an exciting or scary situation. This grab-handled leash is made from extra thick nylon webbing of rugged durability, with a strength-tested zinc alloy swivel snap clip explicitly designed for medium to large dog breeds. The no-pull front handle discourages dogs that pull on the lead and prevents/her from running into traffic, offering better control in case of emergencies or sudden lunges. The light reflective stitches on both sides are evident to car lights and alert passing cars off you and your dog's presence on daily walks and in low light conditions.


  • Brand Name: OneTigris
  • Material: Nylon Webbing, Zinc Alloy Leash Clip
  • Length/Weight: 4ft/122cm (5.6oz/160g), 6ft/183cm (7lb/200g)
  • Width: 1inches /2.5cm
  • Leash Clip Pull Strength: 660lb/300kg

Why You Have It:

  • Multi-Layered nylon webbing construction of durability and dirt/water/abrasion resistance
  • Sturdy zinc alloy swivel clip strength tested at 660lb/300kg, suitable for medium to large dogs
  • Padded top handle and front grab handle for effective canine control and a no-pull dog walking experience
  • Light reflective stitches that reflect car lights for extra safety during daytime/nighttime walks and in low light conditions
  • Long leash option for outdoor walks to let your dog explore their surroundings
  • Short leash option for walks in the city, urban, or crowded areas with more traffic.
Package Contains:
  • OneTigris Tactical Dog Leash 16  x 1