HCS Ausrüstungs GmbH Helmet-Harness Pad BOA-Chinstrap Black

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With the HCS chin strap including BOA closure and pads almost all combat helmets with 4-breakpoints can be equipped within a very short period of time. The included pads ensure optimal weight distribution and thus allow longer and more comfortable wearing times of the combat helmet.


  • fits all HCS combat helmets (MICH, ACH, FAST, Gunfighter, Crewman, Special Forces helmets) as well as identical helmets with 4-point connection
  • incl. BOA closure for a quick, secure, and even closure
  • allows a quick and individual adjustment at any time
  • S-M: 51-59cm Head circumference
  • L-XL: 57-63cm Head circumference
Installation and Setup:
Simply remove the screws of your helmet, remove the old net or reinforcement system, and then attach the new kit to its own location. The perfect fit of the new helmet part can be adjusted with just one hand.
The adjustment of the chin strap is controlled individually via the 4 breakpoints.

  • 15x Velcro surface round
  • pads 4x rectangular, 2x square, 1x round large
  • 1x harness