Gun & Flower GF-LH21B Pistol Lanyard

Type: sling


The purpose of a Gun & Flower GF-LH21B Pistol Lanyard is to keep your weapon safe, secure, and easily accessible when you need it. When the cord is attached to the weapon, you can position it wherever you like. The lanyard also helps the pistol not to fall down on the ground in case a situation arises. You can have the lanyard placed anywhere on your utility belt, of course, the most preferred place is within the reach of your dominant or shooting arm. Experts also recommend that the pistol should be mounted high on your tactical or utility belt. This pistol sling is meant for ease of carriage. It determines the connections which the sling will have on the pistol. In short, this pistol lanyard has proven to be extremely efficient in close-range combat situations.


  • Brand Name: Gun & Flower
  • Model Number: GF-LH21B
  • Material:  Nylon
  • Color: Black and Green

Why You Have It:

  • This pistol keeper gives an extra level of security, while still allowing full extension for tactical situations.
  • Belt loop with nylon material.
  • Lanyard with durable coiled wire with a black rubber exterior laminate.
Package Contains:
  • Gun & Flower GF-LH21B Pistol Lanyard   x 1