Emersongear Tactical Polar Fleece Hat

Type: Hats

There is a wide range of men's hats available and a lot of them are actually made from military materials, such as tactical fleece, camouflage, or camouflage hats. I am sure you have been in a situation when you have seen an army guy in a camo suit, and you instantly want to be one too. Well, this hat is the perfect choice for that. It has the unique feature that it is made of a high-quality fleece that keeps <our head warm in the wind and winter.

The emersongear tactical polar fleece hat is the perfect military accessory for both men and women alike, and it is very comfortable, not to mention stylish. It will definitely make you look more cunning, so if you are a male who wants to show a little more attitude to your superiors, this is the perfect hat to do it with. 🤣

Sport Type: Cycling
Item Type: Headbands
Size: One Size
Material: Spandex
Description: EM8542 EmersonGear Fleece Velcro Watch Cap
Color: MC/BK/CB/FG


EM8542 emersongear fleece hat

  • made by Warm Polar fleece 
  • lightweight 
  • patch area on the front
  • keeps your head warm
  • Ideal for hunting, outdoor activities, and winter weather