Emersongear Helmet ARC-Rail Accessory Pouch


For those who are looking for the highest level of nighttime visual equipment available, the ballistic helmet counterweight pouch is an excellent choice. This product not only offers an excellent lightweight solution to the issues that most NVG units present but also provides an extremely high level of protection. The pouch works by keeping the helmet stable when it is in your face. This ensures the helmet remains protected while still allowing for a full range of motion during an active military operation.

Ballistic helmet counterweight pouches help offset the weight of Night Vision Goggles (NVG's) by compensating for the weighted leverage that these glasses can cause. Counter-weight pouches are made of other lightweight materials, different weights, and some very good off the shelf products. 

Brand Name: emersongear
Material: Nylon
Model Number: EM8826 EmersonGear Helmet Accessory Pouch
Material: 500D Cordura Nylon


  • EM8826 Emerson Helmet Accessory Pouch
  • Used 500D Cordura Nylon material, more durable in used