Emersongear Fast Helmet AF Style Tactical Training Helmet Non-Ballistic


Combat helmets are made up of many pieces. Some pieces include the face shield, skullcap, cheek pads, strap on cheek pads, cheek pad cover, forehead protector, visor, chin straps, cheek pads, ear protectors, earplugs, safety goggles, a visor, and helmet liner. It should also come with protective gear for the wearer to keep them protected from the hazards of combat. Most combat helmets can be used by police officers, military personnel, and even civilians. This is because they all serve different purposes and are designed to do the same thing: to protect the head and neck from harm. Whether you're in the military or a civilian, the same protection should be provided to you so that you don't suffer any kind of injuries in the process of your job.

Basically, it is like a barbie for men. However, modern combat helmets can be quite expansive and shouldn't, therefore not be used (wasted) during basic military training or military fitness. Training helmets are the right choice for these phases of training.

Applicable People: Unisex
Season: Universal
Material: ABS
Head Circumference: 21.65- 24.3 inches (55-62cm) equal ML
Model Number: EM9224 Emerson CP Style AF Helmet w/ Shroud
Style: half-covered
Type: Helmet
Description: EM9224 Emerson CP Style AF Helmet w/ Shroud
Colors: CB, BK, RG, MC
Weight: 2 lbs (0.9 Kg)


  • Lightweight,
  • 2 pice hardshell design
  • Easy to adjust
  • Removable, adjustable internal padding
  • with hook & loop cushion pad system
  • Come with padded cushion and hook & loop lining

No ballistic Protection

This is a training helmet, it provides no ballistic protection. The helmet is also not certified for protection against any blunt forces.

The use cases are military training scenarios during military fitness training, obstacle courses, hand to hand combat, and all other phases of military training when using the high-value combat helmet is too risky.