Emersongear EM9056 Tactical Smal Radio Pouch

Type: Radio Pouch


Radio pouch is an essential accessory for first responders and tactical soldiers. That's why Emersongear delivers excellence through EM9056 Tactical Precision Radio Pouch, which provides a hands-free way to carry portable radios on the belt, jacket, or by the chest. It is a great way to keep radios easily accessible for those who wear them daily for a job. We constructed it by picking up top-notch 500d nylon material which has the qualities of water resistance and a long life span. The flexible open top of the radio pouch offers convenience for the user and with the aid of elastic bungee, the radio not only remains fixed but is also easy to access within hand reach. Moreover, this radio pouch has a loop on its backside to attach it to other tactical gears which have the functionality of hook and loop. In short, this radio pouch is the best convenient innovation to use. 


  • Brand Name: Emersongear
  • Model Number: EM9056
  • Material: 500D Cordura Nylon
  • Size: 160  X 80 X 40 mm

Why You Have It:

  • It has a very sturdy construction and high-quality stitching. 
  • It has the properties of wear resistance, water resistance, and comfort. 
  • Made with high-quality fabric 500D Cordura Nylon - Fabric.
  • Portable and easy access 
  • Open-top design is easy for daily use.
  • This combat radio pouch can securely hold your portable radio transceiver 
  • The radio pouch can be used handheld or attaching to your duty belt or tactical vest 
  • The small design radio pouch does not connect to your stomach 
  • The radio pouch can be applied with an SS tactical vest.