Emersongear EM8734 Tactical Boonie Hat

Type: Hats


When hiking in hot climates, you need to make sure you’re protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Sure, you can whack on a load of sunscreen, but it can start to run when things heat up, and you’ll have to keep reapplying throughout the day. Plus, good sunscreens don’t come cheap and making sure you have enough for a whole vacation can put a dent in your wallet. An easier way to keep the sun at bay is to wear an Emersongear EM8734 Tactical Boonie Hat. It features a wide brim that provides shade for your face and neck, plus it comes with a chin cord to hold it in place when things get blustery. The unique specialty of Emersongear is, it also offers an anti-dropping Boonie hat to facilitate you better in the field. These Boonie hats are so practical that they’re the go-to for military personnel operating in hot climates and also will do the trick for a weekend of hiking in the hills.


  • Brand Name: Emersongear
  • Model Number: EM8734
  • Material: 65%Polyester 35%Cotton
  • Color: BL, SS

Why You Have It:

  • 65%Polyester 35%Cotton. Comfortable and breathable lining material.
  • Unique oversized brim design to protect you from sun and sand. 
  • Wide brim and screened side vents are designed to keep you cool in the blazing sun and your combat game.
  • This Boonie hat is equipped with an adjustable chin drawstring to hold the cap on windy days and ensure a secure fit.
  • One size fits most adults. 
  • Convenient and classic decoration sewn webbing around a crown designed to hang something in your wargame.
Package Contains:
  • Emersongear EM8734 Tactical Boonie Hat x 1