Emersongear EM8346 Tactical AVS Style Radio Pouch

Type: Radio Pouch


The Emersongear EM8346 Tactical AVS Style Radio Pouch is a small, but mighty piece of gear. No soldier wants to be without one. It provides hard-working military members on the move with a secure and worry-free method of transporting their radios. Plus, the reinforced Multicam material protects your radio from damage and overuse. The special walkie-talkie bag for the AVS vest is a special walkie-talkie bag for Emersongear AVS, which can be inserted and fixed directly through the abdominal band of the tactical vest. The product is made of 500d military standard material, wear-resistant and waterproof. The top cover of the bag body uses an elastic fastening structure, which is suitable for the use of walkie-talkies of different heights. You can attach this pouch to your tactical gears via a molle strap on the back.


  • Brand Name: Emersongear
  • Model Number: EM8346
  • Material: 500D Cordura Nylon

Why You Have It:

  • It has a very sturdy construction and high-quality stitching. 
  • It has the properties of wear resistance, water resistance, and comfort. 
  • Made with high-quality fabric 500D Cordura Nylon - Fabric.
  • Portable and easy access 
  • Open-top design is easy for daily use.
  • The radio holster can be applied with an AVS tactical vest.