VEQSKING 80009 Reusable Sports Balaclava

Type: Hats


Done this VEQSKING 80009 Reusable sports Balaclava and stay safe and protected from harsh temperatures outdoors. It is made to a stretch design from the finest quality polar fleece easy on the skin. The fabric is not only soft and smooth on the skin yet also ensures excellent breathability. It is an effective and protective sports gear for those involved in extreme sports like skiing, cycling, or hiking any time of the year. This tactical balaclava has also been a favorite choice of hunting balaclava due to its solid and durable style, making it ideal for those dangerous hunting trips. It makes a fashionable accessory for those passionate about creating a bold fashion statement wherever they go. So stay trendy by having this balaclava. 


  • Brand Name: VEQSKING
  • Model Number: 80009
  • Weight:  85g
  • Material: Polar Fleece
  • Color: Black, Blue, Grey, Red

Why You Have It:

  • 100% fleece has a windproof, dustproof, breathable, absorbent, and quick-drying function. 
  • Incredibly soft and skin-friendly.
  • No cracks and wrinkles.
  • Offers environmental protection
  • You can wear it in many ways and take it anywhere. 
  • Suitable for men and women, it also fits teenagers. 
Package Contains:
  • VEQSKING 80009 Reusable Sports Balaclava x 1