Emersongear BD7063 Tactical Elbow and Knee Pads



To protect yourself in the harshest environments, you need to be equipped with the right gear. If you are in the field, your elbows or knees can take a beating if you do not take measures to protect them. Therefore, Emersongear BD7063 Tactical Elbow and Knee Pads will offer additional protection against impacts to keep you in the fight and keep you mobile. They are essential pieces of equipment in any field environment ranging from hunting to combat operations. The unique feature of these tactical knee pads is the design that offers unmatched comfort and protection. The cap is constructed with a heavy-duty composite that provides a non-slip surface to keep you secure on any surface and provide a great shooting position. There are hook and loop closures to fit or adjust them according to your need. If you're looking for military-grade elbow and knee pads, these are the best choice. 


  • Brand Name: Emersongear
  • Model Number:  BD7063
  • Color: AOR1

Why You Have It:

  • Elbow and Knee pads stay in place even when you are on the move
  • Minimize the knee sore with a cushion of Emersongear Knee Pads
  • Professional strength and durability
  • Straps can enhance stability
  • Has anti-slip patterns on the knee pad shell, which can effectively prevent slippage during sports.
  • The strap fixed between the product and the leg uses a hook and loop design, which caters to the needs of most users while also increasing comfort.
Package Contains:
  • Emersongear BD7063 Tactical Elbow and Knee Pads Set x 1