Blackhawk Rapid-Adjust Two-Point Sling Black

Type: Slings
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The Rapid-Adjust Two-Point Sling by BLACKHAWK with the rapid extension system can be used for both body sides, without having to remove the strap. The weapon can also be easily mounted to the back if needed.
This user-friendly Two-Point Sling is suitable for all body sizes and carrying styles. 

The Blackhawk Rapid-Adjust Two-Point Sling Black allows you to quickly and easily adjust the length of your sling to your individual size and comfort with just the pull of a tab. Rugged and reliable, it features heavy-duty nylon webbing and woven bungee material for enhanced durability and optimal comfort. This sling is a reliable and secure addition to your tactical gear.


  • Made of high-strength nylon fabric
  • Quick Extension System
Note: fastening hooks are not included, but are available in our shop