Blackhawk H&K P2000/USP-Compact Holster SERPA Level3 Black

Type: gun-holster
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The P2000 / USP-Compact Holster SERPA Level 3 by BLACKHAWK is one of the best hand gun-holster in the world.
It is mounted on a leg platform by Blackhawk and offers the possibility to install additional pistol-mag pouches. (with screws).
The holster is made of molded plastic and is highly resistant and durable.
The weapon is secured with two safety catches (thumb and index finger) against involuntary removal.
The unintentional (de-)adjustment of the leg platform straps is prevented by a special non-slip coating.


  • Holster for P2000 / USP-Compact (H&K P8C, US, and EU version)
  • SERPA Auto Lock release
  • Lockable pivot guard
  • Easily separating closing clips
  • Compatible with a variety of Blackhawk accessories
  • Combinable with the SERPA Quick Disconnect System