Blackhawk H&K P2000-USP-Compact Holster SERPA Level3 Black

Type: gun-holster
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The P2000 / USP Compact Duty Holster by BLACKHAWK is one of the best holsters for handguns.
It comes with the Blackhawk Duty Belt Loop (Belt Bridge) mounted and can be worn without additional equipment on your belt.
The belt bridge was designed so that the weapon protrudes far enough from the body. Thus, the weapon can be pulled quickly without being clung to the clothes. The holster is made of carbon fiber and is highly resistant.
The weapon is secured with two fuses against involuntary removal.


  • Shell for USP Compact, P8K or P2000 (H&K, US & EU Version)
  • SERPA Auto Lock release
  • Lockable clamping lever lock
  • Easy-to-separate closure clips
  • Compatible with a variety of BLACKHAWK accessories
  • Combinable with the SERPA Quick Disconnect System