Blackhawk CQC Paddle Platorm with Screws Black

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This user-friendly carbon fiber composite CQC paddle platform from BLACKHAWK allows you to customize the mounting angle of a CQC Holster. This allows for efficient pulling both on the side of the holster and behind the back. The unique design provides a stable and secure platform for your holster and attachment to all types of belts, hip-belt systems, and equipment couplings.

The BLACKHAWK SERPA Paddle Platform with Screws is a holster platform designed for concealment holster use. It allows you to vary the angle of the rake through a full range of options, butt forward for the strong side or behind the hip carry, vertical for appendix carry, or even muzzle forward for appendix or cross-draw positions. The unique paddle gives you a very stable platform for your holster and won’t come out when drawing the handgun. It has adjustable retention hooks that ride under your waistband and the heavy tension of the paddle. The platform is made of other materials and comes in black color.

Note: Holster is not included!