Berghaus MMPS Liner Olive 35 l

Type: Backpack
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General facts:

The Berghaus 35-liter liner protects the contents of your backpack from moisture.
Highly loadable, including mesh storage bag, and virtually indestructible.

The Packsack is a versatile and durable liner perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and trekking. It is made of 100% Nylon with PU coating, which makes it water-resistant and durable.

This liner comes in three sizes: 15L, 35L, and 70L. It has a secure roll-top closure that keeps your belongings safe and dry. 

The Berghaus MMPS Liner Oliv Cedar Packsack is lightweight and easy to carry. 


  • Material: 100% Armadura 70D
  • Including mesh bag
  • Dimensions ca. 59 x 31
  • Weight: 130g
  • Volume: 35l
  • Water-resistant and durable material
  • Secure roll-top closure