BATEX Technische Textilien GmbH Soft Armor Plate Size SK1 Black

Type: Vest-Covers
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The soft ballistics SK1 from BATEX is suitable for most plate carriers. Delivered are two soft ballistic inserts for the front and back.


  • Softballistic composition of combi-aramid (para-aramid fabric)
  • incl. Multi-layer shock absorber, approx. 7.4 kg/m², SK1 -covert safety vest, acc. TR-Protective Vests, as of 03/2008,
  • Welded-in light- and water-impermeable fabric
  • Dimensions: approx. 10 x 12 inches (26 x 31 cm) (W x H)


Includes ballistic protection level SK1 / IIIA (NIJ)
Protects short-range ammunition with softcore, round head, partial mantle, or hollow tip.
For protection class SK4 / NIJIV are, additional protection plates required. These are not included.

The inserts also fit into the SIGMA200 75TACTICAL plate carrier and most other carriers.