75Tactical Sigma200 Covert Protective Vest SK1

Type: Vest-Covers


The cut of the SIGMA200 Vests SK1 from 75TACTICAL has been specifically developed on the basis of the experience of the new shooting concept "nSAK" of the German Armed Forces, while at the same time providing the best possible wearing comfort and inconspicuousness.
The SIGMA200 Vest can also accommodate ballistic SK4 ceramic plates.


  • soft air mesh padding
  • insert pockets with velcro for SK1 ballistics and additional insert for SK4 ceramic plates
  • universal size
  • lateral elastic cummerbund with velcro(detachable) for adjusting the size and for the further accommondate of SIGMA modules with velcro e.g. side pockets for SK4 ballistic
  • detachable elastic shoulder strap with velcro
  • Velcro surfaces for connection to the SIGMA200 plate carrier (Velcro adapter included)
  • The cummerbund and the shoulder straps must be removed for the attaching
  • with a connected system, SIGMA200 plate carrier and covert vest is a quick release system given in the shoulder area
  • Material Vest: 100% Polyamide - Weight approx. 3.5 kg


Ballistic basic protection SK1 (included)

  • Soft ballistic construction made of combi-aramid (Para-Aramid fabric) including a multi-layered shock absorber, approx. 7.4 kg / m²
  • Covert safety vest, acc. TR-protective vest-, as of 03/2008 welded into the light- and water-impermeable fabric
Inserts Made in Germany:
Manufacturer SK1 Inserts: BATEX Technical Textiles GmbH
Testing station: Ballistics Laboratory at Mellrichstadt

Ballistic Protection SK4 / NIJIV

The vest can accommodate hard ballistic boards SK4 / NIJIV with the dimensions 25 cm x 30 cm (10 x 12 inches)

Matching inserts:

  • DCS inserts (manufacturer: GARED / NEXUS) Yes: front / back No: sides
  • Plate carrier Softballistics SK1 Manufacturer: BATEX Yes: in plate pocket
  • SK1 Insert Manufacturer: BATEX
  • SK4 10 x 12 inch protection plates