75Tactical Double Mag Pouch MX36/2 with Flap

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Type: Mag-Pouch
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The double magazine pouch MX36 / 2 by 75Tactical was designed for a tactical slot of two AR15 / M16 or G36 magazines.
The double magazine pouch can be closed or opened by a hook & loop flap, or optionally used with an elastic strap for quick access.
The user can decide with which function he wants to secure the magazine in the pouch itself by the possibility of changing the pouch closure.
The elastic strap can be secured by a hook and loop patch on the pocket.
there is additionally on each side of the bag two elastics, characterized the magazine pouch compressible, so that even in an open bag in use, the magazine can not fall out.
The magazine pocket can hold together coupled G36 magazines or via a central web 2 velcro individual G36 Magazine.
Fast access to the Magazine is given with both applications.


  • Measurements: (height) 12-19 x (width) x 9 (depth) 8 cm
  • Material: 100% polyamide (CORDURA)
  • Mounting with MOLLE compatible loops
  • Manufactured to military specification, with original material in identical quality and excellence