3M Peltor SportTac Electronic Hearing Protector Orange

Type: Headsets
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When SportTac Earmuffs 3M Peltor, unique digital technology adjusts smoothly and quickly and protects against loud impulses. For sport shooters and hunters, shot noise must be insulated promptly and effectively with a high level to protect your hearing.
Many systems control thereby abruptly - this is usually perceived as very unpleasant. As one would expect from level-dependent hearing protectors, Peltor amplifies the Peltor SportTac ambient noise. You hear even better than without the device. You can find here so an intelligent, active hearing protector.
The smooth adjustment of its volume function ensures pleasant sound reproduction and less interference.
The radio connects directly, can chatter, and is highly qualified with other hunting participants or shooters.


  • Slim Capsule Design
  • 26db SNR
  • Weight approx 390g
  • Level-dependent function (talk through a role)
  • Batteries are included,
  • Exchange capsules in olive and orange (pair) are also included