3M Peltor Earmuff Hygiene Kit HY220

Type: Headsets
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The HY220 hygiene kit by 3M Peltor consists of two ear cushions and a foam insert. The ear cushions fit all models of the ProTac III series from 3M Peltor. The wearer transpires in the inner capsule area when the headset is worn. Capillary action absorbs the water and holds it in the HY220 Hygiene Kit.


  • Compatible with all ProTac III Headsets
Notes on use:
Airing out as follows:
  • Carrying time two times as a rest period for airing (= 16h ventilation at eight h wearing time)
  • The room temperature should be at least 18 degrees
  • The repository should be well-ventilated (air conditioning)

By constantly picking up and releasing the sweat, the HY220 Hygiene Kit consumes itself over time.  The HY220 loses its function over time, and the moisture is transferred to the board.

Recommendation: The HY220 should be replaced every six months!