3M Peltor Comtac MT7N Headset Microphone Kit CHK-SHIELD | Outdoor Army - Tactical Gear Shop.

3M Peltor Comtac MT7N Headset Microphone Kit

3M Peltor
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For the military and outdoor areas, 3M Peltor has developed this kit for retrofitting Comtac XP and Comtac XPI hearing aids to full-fledged headsets.


  • Use the kit only for hearing protectors, as long as they have not been delivered ex works as headset version
  • Microphone left mounted for right hand
  • suitable for the following models: MT17H682FB-02, MT17H682FB-08 SV, MT20H682FB-02, MT20H682FB-02 SV
Note: An additional Peltor PTT adapter is required for connection to a radio!