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Multicam - The Modern Camouflage Patter

Multicam - The Modern Camouflage Patter

Multicam is a constituent of different patterns of military wear. It is inclusive of tactical gear that matches the environment in which the soldiers pursue their mission. The simple concept of coming up with this idea is so that there can be maximum soldier effectiveness in the various environments. All the patterns are designed with specific roles to work in unison to cater to the needs of the operational environment.

Considering the desert rocks, the jungle, snowfall and the domestic environment, they all have the color designed to fit the purpose. Deployment of these kinds of clothing makes it possible for the assertiveness of authority is easier. This article will show the various tactical gear with the specific patterns making them effective in the work meant to do.


Many researchers have studied how camouflage works in nature. With visibility in mind, It has the main objective to find the hardest places to hide (Different elements in the terrains in a wide range). This research helped in its adoption in 2002. It accounted for the various environments in different seasons.

This camouflage was developed by Crye Precision in association with the United States Army soldier systems. The main reason for doing this was to replace the three-colour desert (DCU) and woodland patterns.



These three variants were in competition between three companies. Here are some of the variants explained.

Variants of the Camouflage patterns

There are three different patterns that were to compete with each other in order to gain popularity with the United States House of Representatives. These include the below mentioned three variants.

  • Area of Responsibility 2 (AOR 2) for the woodland environment
  • Overhead brush (desert environment)
  • Crye Multicam (transitional environment)
MARPAT All Over Desert Brush Multicam

At the end of 2004, the United States decided to use Crye Precision patterns not only for the United States use but to help all the military forces around the world. In 2010, the Crye precision was re-commissioned to replace the Universal camouflage pattern (ACU):


under the designated name Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern (OEF-CP). 

In addition, to the adoption of these patterns, It is possible for the public and countries to purchase. Some of the countries include the United Kingdom, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and Poland.

Original Crye patterns

Crye made four different variations in the patterns to help soldiers in the following environmental conditions (desert, snow and tropical). This segment will show in detail the clothes and the reasons why they are most effective.

Multicam Tropic - clothing and gear

These tropic gears are meant to reduce the visibility of anyone operating around the jungle region. They work very well in evergreen vegetation, in the composition of dark and brownish patches throughout the light green background. With concealment of all the patterns, tropic camouflage completes the whole primary parts of the camo regions.

Multicam Tropic

Multicam Arid - camouflage clothing

Arid camouflage gains additional popularity among the camo clothing. Otherwise designed to reduce visibility in the arid areas, mainly consisting of dry vegetation, rocks and open sand. The pattern is composed of large light green and yellow patches with a smaller brown patch. All these color patterns scatter around a beige background. There is a rapid adoption of Arid camo clothing by special forces and local enforcement around the world.

Multicam Arid

Multicam Alpine - tactical suits

These are lightweight and at the same time, an item of warm clothing for a soldier. The lightness of the cloth assures that the soldier moves easily across the snow-filled terrains and be warm doing it. They have light grey and dark patches on a larger greyer background. The best thing about the clothing is that they are waterproof. It assures that there is little leakage that will reach a soldier to cause discomfort.

Multicam Alpine

Multicam - local and daily environment

Uniforms used for the daily routines and missions of soldiers. Often they come in a darker shade. The uniform shade comprises both black and grey patches that are bound in a much dark grey larger background. Embraced mostly by the United States, this uniform typically conforms to the daily weather experienced in most parts of the country. Thereby, it is excellent in putting the soldiers in check.


Multicam Black - Law enforcement officers

To meet the unique requirements of law enforcement officers operating in high-risk environments the Multicam Black pattern was developed. In domestic operations it projects a distinctly appropriate authoritative presence. It is designed to complement an officer’s existing equipment and present a sharp, professional image for top-tier law enforcement units.

Multicam Black

Different military clothing and the variations

The various adopted camouflage colors are evident from the uniforms that the United States adopted in Afghanistan and a wide range of places in the world. In this section, we will see how the variations make up the gear from head to toe of a soldier. Check out the ones listed below.

Striker HT Combat pants

These are the variations meant for high-temperature environments. They have a unique design installed with knee and front ventilation zippers. The reason for the zippers is to draw in cool air, preventing the upper part of the legs from taking in excess heat. The installation of the cooling system and the material used to make the Striker HT pants the ones to check out for a long time coming. They make one look very serious but at the same time looking cool.

Striker HT Combat pants Multivam

Striker XT Generation two Shirts

These shirts absorb sweat and dry really fast. It is even better for mobility when you get caught up in the rain. It has a functional storage capacity that is also good for elbow comfort. The various zipper patches make it reliable when it comes to the storage of ammunition.

Striker XT Generation two Shirts

3D Snow Wild Zipper Ghillie Suit

This is an alpine outdoor camouflage suit. Installed with leaf looking like extensions which makes it attract nature around the environment of interest. This snow Ghillie suit has a hoodie to help the solder warm up the head. It is comfortable for long hours in an outdoor, snowy environment.

 3D Snow Wild Zipper Ghillie Suit

Balaclava ninja hood

Meant to protect the face and the ears. This hood is conveniently efficient for the soldiers who do motorcycle hunting through the snowy terrain. In addition to this, the hood has an opening at the eye region. This helps the soldier wear glasses to enhance the visibility of the environment. One special thing about the hood is that it is it stretches, making it possible for the body to stay in contact with it.

Balaclava Ninja Hood

Alpine camouflage Backpack

This is a water repellent backpack to ensure that the contents in the bag are not destroyed and frozen. The white backpack has both the shoulder sleeves and also the waist strap. Alternatively, the wide space capacity of the bag ensures huge loads enter the bag.

Alpine camouflage Backpack

Wisport Rifle case

This is a case used in the transportation and storage of a rifle gun. It protects the firearm from dirt and damage. In addition to the above description, the rifle helps in giving discreetness when transporting through public places.

It is designed to transport a rifle of up to a hundred and twenty centimeters. However, due to the additional fordable sleeves, it allows the transportation of a rifle of a hundred and forty-five centimeters. The cover made of a high-quality Cordura material. Lastly, the bag has handles that allow you to carry over the shoulders.

Wisport Rifle case

Lynx map case

Ideally, it is made with very durable Cordura material. It protects maps from water, dust and water. The lynx map case has highly helped in the tropical region where the area is always forested and not easy to get clear paths. It has the ability to withstand high temperatures of up to fifty degrees. Here are some of the characteristics of the case.

  • Secured with a hook and loop closure
  • foldable for easy storage
  • Three different pen slots
  • waterproof

 Lynx map case

Toke waist pack

These packs are small designed as low profile packs. It has a five-inch belt with a quick Duraflex release buckle. Not only is the bag detailed with zippers but also side loops for optional attachments. Some of the characteristics include the following:

  • Zipped main compartment with inner single pocket
  • Front loop patches
  • Storm flap in cases of extreme weather
  • Glove friendly paracord pulls

Toke waist pack

Condor mesh tactical cap

Generally, a high-quality baseball cap with a military, high feel. The cap has a back strap that makes it easy to adjust. Besides, it has Velcro patches on the front top sides and back. Lastly, the cap has many details which is a mesh panel allowing a highly breathable rate keeping the head cool.


Condor Mesh Tactical Cap

G3 combat pants

These generations three pants are an upgrade to the previous pants. They are a no-compromise assault uniform. The combat pants main function is to give a tough look to any opponent. Besides, all the pants have a two-inch increment on the waist. To have an inclusive of all the lengths for a perfect fit. The new generation of combat pants has the following details.

  • Waist adjusted system that is low profile
  • Knife/ light holder that allows easy pocket access
  • Larger front thigh pockets
  • rear zip pockets
  • Built in knee flap covers (can open when not in use)
  • Pockets that conceal water bottles.

 G3 combat pants Multicam arid

Benefits of Using these patterns

Embracing the use of these patterns by the military has proven to have great benefits. It makes it convenient for most counties worldwide. As the final section of the article, Here are some of the advantages discussed in detail.

Color and functionality

When considering a military operation, green is better, unlike grey and blue. When it comes to overseas operations, there are fewer areas that can favor blue or grey. A good example is Afghanistan where there is a lot of desert features. The natural blending of brown and green makes it possible to soothe the environment.

The different colors of the uniforms help in distinguishing the ranks and mission allocation of every unit. It is possible to account for the functions given to a unit by observing which type of gear they wear. Otherwise, you can orient the sections of the military like the air force, the marine force and lastly, on ground troupes.


Nothing talks more military-like a uniform. It makes it easier for units to maintain uniformity in the case of mission allocation. The importance of getting uniformity is that most of the soldiers will have something to relate themselves with otherwise have their own ownership.

By association, the uniform is meant to make the soldier gain some responsibility and own the respect given to the country they represent. Most of the military wears have country flags and the name of the soldier to make them proud to represent a country.

US Army in Multicam


Having single wear for the military soldiers makes it easier to save the country some money. Like the Air force, some of the soldiers do uniform swap during deployments or permanent changes of duty stations. By so doing, it means that they will buy fewer uniforms.

The cost-effectiveness of the uniforms makes it possible for the military to upgrade their incoming series of new uniforms. Otherwise, make them with the highest quality material. In addition to all these, the army has the first hand to manage the budget given to them by congress into stuff that matters like life insurance for the veterans.


Also explained as the long-term durability of the uniforms. You can pass down uniforms to different kinds of predecessors. The official duty and the principles that come with the uniform increase the adaptation by the newer members of a unit.

From the first deployment of the uniforms, a soldier can use the uniforms for a period of up to ten years waiting for the next uniform iteration. It is comforting that the uniforms last those periods without worrying with the number of pairs that you need.

Aesthetically pleasing

Dressing the uniform plainly just has an appealing look to the eye. In other words, you may say it has a bad-ass look and cool feeling to most of the soldiers. In the cases of inter military services, the mission will look sharper to identify the various workstations assigned to the solders.

Generally, the military feel and cool looks of the uniforms have gained popularity among civilians. This has increased the level of purchase gaining more money for the government to cater to other military needs.

Blending effect

This kind of military tactical gear has made it possible to go for missions in different kinds of environments. It has ensured easy mobility of the units across all kinds of terrains. Otherwise, the relevance it has in tactical formations.

The reason for making the uniform camouflage with the environment is to reduce the visibility of the soldier. This will reduce the cases of becoming a direct target in cases of facing an enemy. With finality, other private companies have helped in coming up with improved versions of the gears which is again for the private military missions.

Multicam in Action

Increased comfort

From the small details of the location of the elbows, the knees and even the neck area, these uniforms are designed fully with the research of how the metabolism of the human body works. When it comes to sweating in the battleground, these clothes have catered for all these circumstances.

As discussed earlier, from the caps shirts and the pants, all these clothes have special features that make them comfortable to the soldier, i.e. the zippers, the mesh patches and the stretch ability.


In the case of giving uniforms during deployment, there is always a guarantee that you will find something that fits you and all these are personalized specifically with the rank and name of the soldier.

Through personalizing these uniforms, a soldier will have a sense of pride in the military position and acceptance of the country. Lastly, name identification in every uniform is compulsory as it is a requirement for those holding military positions.



Since the development of these patterns, military operations have improved and the tactical set on how to conquer within enemy lines. From all the research done, these gears are made with high-quality elements to conform to the environment.

There are original color patterns of the military wear that have the following color specifications:

  • Cream 524
  •  dark brown 530
  • Tan 525
  • Brown 529
  • Dark green 528
  • pale green 526

On the other hand, these colors may vary from the non-licensed companies. Otherwise, all this creates an alteration in the effect in the quality and originality of the gear.


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