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Kryptek Highlander Camouflage

Kryptek Highlander Camouflage

Whether you’re an avid hunter or have been on the battlefield before, you probably understand the importance of high-quality camo. This not only means material that keeps you warm and dry, but also the right pattern and design for the particular environment that you are in.

Man in camouflage hunting pheasants in a field

While we’ve highlighted multiple brand and variations of camo beforehand, this one in particular is quite different. Meet Kryptek Highlander. A high-quality design and feel that allows for performance even in the most extreme environments. Though all of Kryptek’s camo is of great quality and design, the Highlander in particular, works the best in geographical regions where the elevation varies. We’ll learn more about this type of camo, but for now, let’s explore the beginning of the brand and where it all started.

Kryptek: The Humble Beginnings

Josh Cleghorn and Butch Whiting are the owners and creators of the brand Kryptek. They met in combat, during multiple trials and runs together. It wasn’t long before their friendship forged into something stronger, as the two became like brothers on the battlefield.

Having been through so much together, the two expressed that it was easy to rely on and start a business with each other, given that there was a high level of trust, respect, and admiration that was formed.

Josh Cleghorn and Butch Whiting are the owners and creators of the brand Kryptek.

The two spent a great deal of time together during their missions in Baghdad, Taji, and Syria, while they were searching for Al Qaeda. It was during this time that the two developed the Kryptek Business Model. It wasn’t anything extravagant or massive, just a simple 15-to-20-page model that outlined what the brand would be about, sell, and represent.

Years and a great deal of hard work and service later, the two developed a well-known, high-quality camo brand that not only provides the highlander, but also many other categories and designs as well.

Given that the two founders have been in combat and are huge hunters, the camouflage has been designed exceptionally well for both tactical operations and hunting usage. This has helped lead the brand to have the mission and the slogan of “Battlefield to Backcountry” so that no matter the purpose of the camo or the destination, it will be usable to everyone.

Why Pick Kryptek?

The answer for many may be extremely clear; why not choose a suitable camo brand that comes directly from those who understand the importance of good quality and design? But the reason that consumers should investigate and purchase from this brand goes way deeper than who the founders are and their past experiences.

Of course, it is only fair that we do pay recognition to the fact that this brand has taken everything that they have learned from the most hostile combat environments and applied it to their clothing, design, and gear. When visiting their website or shopping online, users will quickly notice that Kryptek acknowledges that their battlefield training is within their DNA. They even mention that their learnings and past experiences are evident in all of the decisions they make and essentially everything that they do.

Man wearing camouflage

To date, it has been found that Kryptek offers the most effective camouflage out there. Both Cleghorn and Whiting understand the two major elements of effective camo: appropriate colour and patterns. Instead of following the same suit and rules as other major camo companies, Kryptek instead utilizes multiple layered and multi-directional patterns, creating a 3D effect to the eye.

The presence of a 3-D figure design is known as micro and macro layering. This design was inspired by artillery camouflage netting that helps create a 3D appearance, creating near invisibility. Therefore, users of this camo can rest assured knowing that they won’t look like a walking billboard advertisement when out in the field or while hunting.

Military camouflage net

Some other important elements of this brand are that all items and pieces of clothing have been rigorously tested and proven to be effective in their environment. During a recent study, the U.S. Department of Defense had test subjects wear different types of camo out in the field. They then relied on retinal tracking to discover subjects. It was found that it took longer to locate anyone who was wearing Kryptek camouflage compared to all other brands. It safe to say that when you’re in a situation where concealment is required, you can rely on this brand.

The brand also has many different options that have all been created for backcountry scenarios. What we love most about this is that the designs and patterns for each scenario were developed and then tested with top military professions and top hunters. After learnings and testing with these individuals, Kryptek then took the items back and made them even better, so that everyone could rest assured that their gear would perform in their particular environments.

Man walking in camo with hunting gear and a deer rack on his back

So, although it is a huge plus that two top military individuals developed this camouflage line, it really comes down to their impeccable testing routines and 3-D appearance and patterns that make this brand so effective and well loved.

Meet the Highlander

Meet the Kryptek Highlander! The perfect camouflage gear that is designed for those who are in geographical regions that have a great deal of elevation. If you’re looking to stay hidden while covering a great deal of terrain, this is a perfect option for you.

Bush in the middle of the desert

As mentioned before, colour is a huge component of effective camouflage. While this pattern looks quite similar to other options that Kryptek has developed, it is specifically designed for Sage, Desert, and open terrains.

And in true Kryptek fashion, the brand ensures that users of this particular colour option have all that they need for high performance in even the most difficult and extreme environments. Users can shop from a large variety of jackets, pants, and other equipment that is all created with the same look, feel, fabric and of course, pattern and colours.

Kryptek Highlander camouflage

One of the things that most individuals like about this line is that the founders thought of everything. If you’re in the desert and need a jacket that will keep you warm during the extreme cold nights, or if you’re walking throughout the day and need to stay cool and dry, there are options and pieces available that are designed specifically for that reason.

No matter the climate or the place that you’re going, if it fits the Highlander’s colour scheme and environment pairing, you’ll be able to find the right equipment that keeps you comfortable while keeping you concealed.

What About Other Environments?

There is a great deal of camo brands that have colour schemes and patterns for just about every environment. However, Kyrptek does a great job of breaking this down even further, providing 10 different colour scheme and environment options for their customers.

Kryptek Camouflage Lines

The available options to date, filled with complete lines of clothing, equipment and gear are as follows: Obskura, Pontus, Wraith, Inferno, Raid, Neptune, Typhon, Mandrake, Highlander, and Altitude. While we won’t go into full detail for all of the available options from the brand, we will mention a few.

Kryptek camouflage

Altitude: perfect option for anyone who goes above the tree line. This helps to close the gap and remain hidden even when the air is thin, and cover is extremely sparse.

Kryptek altitude camo line

Typhon: this is the perfect solution for those who are operating under the cover of dark. It will help you fade into your surroundings, even within the shadows. Works best in urban environments.

Kyrptek Typhon camo

Inferno: This option was designed with hunters truly in mind. This is the best type of camo when safety orange is required to be worn.

Kryptek Inferno Line

Pontus: Changing the game for hunters with fishing camouflage. This type of camo helps give those on or in water an extra advantage when hunting.

Kryptek Pontus Camo

Raid: this type of design is described as the “camo that is perfect for finding prey that lurks in the shadows of the streets.” It is also to be used in urban environments.

Kryptek Raid Camo

Kryptek: The Most Effective Camo

Given their advanced testing and design pattern, there’s no surprise that Kryptek is the most sought-after camo on the market. Plus, with its versatile use for either backcountry or battlefield, it is comforting to know that anyone who wears this design and brand will remain comfortable and concealed.

For more information on Kyrptek or to make a purchase, visit their website at

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